You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman
Chapter 891: (Poisonous…)

Chapter 891 (Poisonous…)

"You applied poison to the blade, do you think I don't know?" Pippi looked as if he had known all along, don't think I'll believe you just like that unless you take a lick.

Upon hearing Pippi's words, the jaws of the five women almost dropped to the ground. Is this the intelligence level in Aquapolis? Completely absent-minded, can't you be a bit serious?

Yang Haotian was very annoyed. 'Why doesn't this guy believe him?'

"Then let me give you a taste!" Yang Haotian picked up his sword.

The five women: "..."

"If you dare to lick it, I'll believe you!" Pippi said in a low voice.

"Alright! I'll lick it for you!"


It even made a sound. Yang Haotian is really disgusting, like he's eating skewers. Is it necessary to lick from top to bottom like that?

Is it too serious?

"That's it!" Yang Haotian said indignantly, and thought, 'I, a Heavenly Venerable, have licked it. If you still don't believe me, I'll just give you a beating.'

Pippi suddenly nodded, "Well, I believe in your sincerity."

With these words, Yang Haotian suddenly felt uneasy and kept retreating...

Qing Yutong and others were also a bit confused. What's going on?

Yang Haotian's face turned green, pointing at the sword on the ground, "It's poisoned!"

Pippi showed a triumphant smile, picked up the sword beside him, stood up, and said, "My father once said that a man should use his brain to defeat his opponent."

"You! You're cheating!" Yang Haotian felt his body stiffening; this is probably a potent poison.

Yang Haotian put away his sword and chuckled, "My mother said that the victor is the king and the loser is the bandit. It's just that you're too stupid."


Qing Yutong and others didn't expect that after going around in such a big circle, there would be a sudden reversal. Is Pippi really smart, or is it just a facade?

Yang Haotian's body had already stiffened; he even looked at Qing Yutong with a pleading look, "Boss... save me."

Qing Yutong directly ignored him, finally entering the normal plot mode.

"Hero, thank you for saving us. Otherwise, we would have been defiled by this beast..." Qing Yutong expressed her gratitude.

Upon hearing this voice, Pippi suddenly felt the world clear up; it seemed as if he hadn't knelt down just now.

Or maybe his actions were not embarrassing at all; it was all normal.

"You don't need to be polite, Miss. I, Pippi, also draw my sword to help when I see injustice." Pippi appeared very courteous, even bending down to express his apology.

Yue Hua felt she should say something too, "Hero, I have nothing to repay you..."

Upon hearing this, Pippi became excited.

After all, the following words were very tempting.

Usually, it would be an offer of oneself.

'This woman is really beautiful; her skin is so fair... even whiter than the women in Aquapolis. How does she take care of herself?'

If she really offers herself, the son of the Pi Family wouldn't mind.

"I can only thank the young master for saving my life." Yue Hua, of course, wouldn't say that line; she already has a husband. It's just acting.

Pippi looked disappointed; this wasn't what he wanted to hear. Still, he said, "Miss, you're too kind. It's just a small effort on my part."

After saying this, Pippi didn't know what else to say.

He could only signal his guards to arrest this lecher.

Although Yang Haotian's whole body was stiff, he could still speak.

'Save me, please!' Yang Haotian was so frustrated. If he were captured and taken to Aquapolis, he would be done for.

At this moment, Brittany suddenly said, "Hero, can you take us ashore?"

Pippi felt a bit frustrated; after all, he was the one who saved their lives.

"Miss, why not stay and have a meal?" Pippi extended an invitation.

Qing Yutong sighed in relief; luckily, Brittany could talk.

"I don't think it's a good idea. This man said the same thing at first but ended up deceiving us. What if you're the same?" Kai Yun pouted and said, looking so cute that it made people want to commit a crime.

Pippi patted his chest and shouted, "How can the son of the Pi Family be like such a beast? You can rest assured!"

Yang Haotian felt like dying. After all, he was an emperor! An emperor with a red packet system, and now he's been reduced to a beast!

'It's all their scheme; this is a huge loss…'

No red packet, and now he's stuck with the reputation of being a beast.

The five women didn't agree immediately, showing fearful expressions on their faces.

Pippi thought it was only natural; having been deceived once, they would surely be cautious.

"Our Aquapolis has exceptionally beautiful scenery; you will surely love it," Pippi said again.

Ye Zizi asked with curiosity, "Really?"

"Of course, you can ride seahorses and explore the underwater world," Pippi decided to break the ice with Leaf; little girls are easy to deceive...

Ye Zizi pulled Qing Yutong's sleeve, "Sister, shall we go and see?"

Qing Yutong still looked hesitant.

"This young lady, the safety of you all is absolutely guaranteed by the son of the Pi Family!"

"Then let's go and have a look." Yue Hua also said softly, with a hint of embarrassment.

Seeing a chance, Pippi quickly said, "My Pi Family is one of the three major families in Aquapolis; you have nothing to fear."

"Alright, but if you dare to treat us the same way, we won't spare you even if we become ghosts." Qing Yutong warned, but it had no effect.

But Pippi liked this kind of woman, lacking in strength but with her own persistence.

Much better than those who throw themselves at him.

Seeing that the beauties agreed, Pippi was delighted. Then he turned and ordered, "Throw this person into the dungeon, await further instructions."

"Injustice... save me..." Yang Haotian despaired, then was led away by two guards...

"Ladies, you will surely love Aquapolis," Pippi smiled slightly, extending his hand lightly, and Qing Yutong and the others suddenly felt a force blessing them.

Pippi explained, "This spell allows you to breathe freely underwater."

Qing Yutong nodded.

Pippi whistled towards the sea!

Before long, the sea began to churn, and a giant turtle emerged on the surface.

"Ladies, don't be afraid, please follow me." Pippi smiled slightly, appearing as a sunny young man. If it weren't for that kneeling just now, he would indeed be handsome.

The five people stood on the back of the turtle, gradually sinking underwater.

To be honest, Qing Yutong and the others were a bit curious about the underwater world. They had never experienced it before, and this time, besides causing trouble, they also wanted to see the underwater world.

As the giant turtle submerged, the people didn't feel any discomfort.

But the surrounding scenery was truly captivating...

Chapter 891: (Poisonous…)
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