Wandering Mercenary in an Open World
Wandering Mercenary in an Open World

Wandering Mercenary in an Open World

오픈월드 속 방랑 용병

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126 Chapters 70.7K Views 1.56K Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Wandering Mercenary in an Open World novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Paulownia Radish. 126 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


[Complete your story by challenging countless monsters, demons, and legends]

This is the last sentence I saw before I lost my mind.

And it’s one sentence that I’m still holding on to.

That’s how the journey of killing monsters and wandering in search of all kinds of rumours began.

And it will continue.

Until the day I get out of this damn game.

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  • PancakeOverlord 8

    Does the story pick up later? I read a few chapters before but it didn’t really hook me so I dropped it

  • PaulSarah 1

    let me try it... it seems simple but strong book

  • tteokbokki 7

    Strange how such a normal story can be so good its a simple mc is a hero and fights the demon lord and its a great way of showing it and I prefer the AI translation than the gamble that the translator will do it correctly

  • Horky 7

    Very chill novel, much needed breather

    • STRIVER 4

      thank you for your review! makes me want to try it, and so I will!

  • Idiiaka 6

    Its really good, compare any Korean novel here... Simple, cool, always fresh.

    • ChildrenMustProtect 3

      Do you think this has novel has potential?

  • FullGrownMan 1

    I have, by the time of writing this, read till the 100th chapter and can say that I truly like this story. If you can look past the (presumably (it is quite obvious)) AI translation, where there are pronoun errors, name mishaps and some obvious signs that all the chapters, or at least some of them, have not been proofread nor edited it'll be a good read. The capters are quite fast paced and the cuts in between "scenes" is sometimes a bit too fast even for the pace of the story. Anyways this is my first time writing something like this so don't just take my word for it, but read some of the more professional reviews and such. I'm still giving it my recomendation despite the AI. Also pardon if there are any grammar mistakes, I am just a small full grown adult.

    Edited: 22d
    • 19Xskull 20

      thanks for the recommendation, me personally I have auto translate in my brain so if you say that the ai translation is the only problem then that's good for me, thanks.

    • Poisonous_Immortal 9

      I only read up to chapter 14 and it seems to me that it's going to become a "Hero and Demon King" story, is it really like that?

      • FullGrownMan 1

        Yea, I mean it does seem to be heading that direction and at a nice speed too. I do think and hope that it's not going to go like that in a normal cliché way, but that still remains to be seen. (edit: i cannot spell words correctly)

        Edited: 20d
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  • Jortron 4

    I love this story and how the Mac just chills with everything, some people can find the translation annoying due to the IA, but if you ignore that, is a pretty solid novel with a likeable Mc

  • Jinxs2011 3

    A decent story with some minor downsides. The story itself is solid, good characters, fights. As of yet no romance so if you're not a fan of those sorta things this is a good one. The translation and editing themselves are my biggest gripe with this one. Character names change frequently, usually recognisable but still very annoying. And the translator very clearly didn't bother to do much editing themselves, instead opting to chuck it into an AI and copy pasting the result (several instances of lines like 'here is the edited passage'). It's jarring to see those lines, sometimes with repeated sections of the chapter as well.

  • AndreHeij 6

    Is oke if you don't mind computer stranleted story. The names changed for no rezon, but if you don't mind all that you can have a read. It's oke adventure novel, no Harem or Romantic plots just action and struggle.. Have a read of you like ✌️.

  • PXZman 5

    no romance no harem purely action i am in