The Prodigies War
Chapter 1347: Heavenly Oracle

Wu Liuchi was killed by one arrow!

This shocked Lin Xun. Even if Wu Liuchi was only a False Saint, he was still regarded as terrifying among the saints.

But a single arrow took his life and destroyed both his body and spirit!

Lin Xun looked down at the bow in his hand, furrowing his brows strangely.

He knew that the credit in killing Wu Liuchi belonged to the No-Nonsense Bow.

“I should not linger around here for too long...”

Without thinking too much, Lin Xun recalled the Biluo Arrow with a raise of his hand and causally picked up Wu Liuchi’s storage bag and lightning bronze hammer before he hurried away.


He disappeared into the distant horizon with a flash, activating the Suanni Qi and concealing his aura.

“Ninth Oracle!”

“He died? How…how is that possible?”

Moments later, a group of figures all with terrifying auras appeared where he had been.

They were headed by a dark skinned old man with a menacing look on his face. He checked around the area with his spirit sense and immediately knew that Wu Liuchi had died.

What horrified him the most was that a Saint like Wu Liuchi not only had his body exploded but his spirit was also obliterated!

“Could it be the doing of the mysterious female saint?”

The old man’s face was overcast.

Immediately after saying that, he motioned with his hand, “Go back and report this matter to the elders of the clan. I will go after the boy myself!”

“Yes, Seventh Oracle!”

The others realized the seriousness of the matter and quickly took the order and darted away.

“If that kid can kill Ninth Oracle Wu Liuchi, then he is also a threat to me. I should not be so greedy and only hope to find his whereabouts and prevent him from escaping.”

“The rest...leave it for other people to take care of…”

The old man was Wu Hengya, the Seventh Oracle of the Golden Crow Clan. After some thought, he made a decision on what to do next.


With a flash, he vanished from the spot.


In the vast world there were nothing but long chains of mountain peaks, their rugged summits flecked with snow.


In front of a canyon, the space rippled and Lin Xun’s figure appeared with a flash. He surveyed the surroundings and floated down to the ground.

Ten years ago, when he went to the City of Enlightenment with Toady and A’lu, they had also passed by this place and met Chi Yao.

Lin Xun found a cave dwelling and set up a dao rune array, and then heaved a sigh of relief.

“I should make good use of time to restore my strength…”

He sat down cross-legged on the ground. He had a strong feeling that when the outside world learned about what he had done in the Supreme Realm, the ancient orthodoxies would definitely take action!

For example, such as the Omega Sword Sect and Great Earth Treasury Temple.

After inhaling deeply, he began to meditate, recharging his energy. The aeth qi in him was flowing like the great Yangtze River.

Once he set off on the journey, he likely would not have another chance to rest so he knew he had to be fully prepared.

During his training, he also took the time to study the No-Nonsense Bow.

Back then, Bloodthirsty Queen Zhao Xingye had already reminded him that the bow was very dangerous as it contained terrifying fiendish qi. The higher the cultivation level of the wielder, the greater the recoil.

From then on, Lin Xun rarely brought out the bow unless absolutely necessary.

After all these years, he had become a supreme king of the seventh longevity tribulation and was no longer the same as back then.

When he activated the bow and killed Wu Liuchi with the Biluo Arrow, he indeed sensed the terrifying fiendish power contained within the bow.

In particular, when he repeatedly drew the bow, he felt that the fiendish qi was beginning to rush out as if it had awakened.

He only barely took control of the situation when he activated all his strength. Otherwise, he would have suffered an adverse reaction from the fiendish qi.

If not for this, then he would not have given Wu Liuchi a chance to even breathe. He would have continuously drawn his bow and fired arrows, which should have been enough to kill the old crow once and for all.

However, when he faced Wu Liuchi’s Thousand Sun Incineration attack, he noticed a complicated and strange symbol had been absorbed into the No-Nonsense Bow.

It was also at that moment that the No-Nonsense Bow seemed very eager to take action, and the fiendish qi within it suddenly became extremely mild and tame and listened to Lin Xun’s order.

It was also after that strange change that Lin Xun managed to kill Wu Liuchi with one arrow!

When Lin Xun carefully investigated the bow with his spirit sense, he felt as if he had entered a demon realm that was enveloped in fiendish qi.

Terrifying fiendish qi surged like a raging river amidst faint cries of gods and demons and the howling of Saints.

Lin Xun broke into a cold sweat. How many terrifying beings must one kill to accumulate such frightening fiendish qi?

Then, he spotted a complicated and strange blood-colored symbol floating in the endless fiendish qi, radiating obscurity and mysteriousness.

The symbol subdued the endless fiendish qi like its master, turning them extremely gentle and docile.

“Little friend, I am the spirit of the No-Nonsense Bow. Since you hold this bow, it proves that you and I are destined. In the future...if possible, please bring this bow to Sunset Current Valley. I won’t ask you to save me or get me out, I just want to...use this bow to kill some old bastards!

“That way, even if I die, I will die happy!”

The hoarse voice was filled with uncontrollable hatred and murderous intent as it reached the end of the sentence, causing the boundless fiendish qi to rage chaotically.

Lin Xun took a few breaths, and the voice completely disappeared. Everything returned to normal.

The only remaining peculiarity was the complicated symbol still floating in the air.

Lin Xun withdrew his spirit sense. He understood that when he killed Wu Liuchi with the arrow, he had inadvertently received help from the spirit of the No-Nonsense Bow that was trapped in the Sunset Current Valley.

And the spirit had to be the weapon spirit of the No-Nonsense Bow!

Lin Xun couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly. The Bloodthirsty Queen’s speculation was correct. The weapon spirit of the No-Nonsense Bow was trapped in Sunset Current Valley, and the bow would be able to unleash its full power once its spirit was retrieved.

Two hours later.

Lin Xun stood up, removed the dao rune array at the entrance of the cave, scanned around briefly, and then darted away.

Not long after he left, a skinny figure appeared in the cave. As he looked around, a cold smile twisted his lips.

“What an amazing concealment method, but unfortunately, it can’t escape the eyes of Saint cultivators.”

The skinny figure was none other than Wu Hengya, the Seventh Oracle of the Golden Crow Clan.

He contemplated for a moment and then crushed a jade talisman, sending a white streak into the sky and disappeared.

He waited for a moment and saw the white streak return and retransform into a jade talisman in his hand.

The jade talisman contained messages sent in real time.

“The Thirteenth Heavenly Oracle wants to personally take action?”

Wu Hengya looked at it and drew a deep breath.

In the Golden Crow Clan, only True Saints could hold the position of Heavenly Oracle. As they say, saints were like heaven—the controller and master of fate.

Although Wu Liuchi and Wu Hengya were Saints, they were only False Saints. They could only hold the position of oracle, and their status could not be compared to that of an Heavenly Oracle.

The Thirteenth Heavenly Oracle was called Wu Xiutong. In terms of seniority, Wu Hengya had to address him as a clan elder. He has been in closed-door cultivation for eight thousand years and had never been seen in the world!

“It seems like the clan also reckons that it was the mysterious female saint who took action and killed Ninth Oracle Wu Liuchi, so they invited clan elder Wu Xiutong to come out...” Wu Hengya pondered.


Wu Hengya suddenly felt his heart sink. An incomparably ice-cold aura locked onto him and a feeling of imminent danger enveloped him.

He spun around to see a young man standing afar and wielding a fully drawn bone bow.

Set on the blood-red bowstring was a blood-stained divine arrow as thick as a child’s arm aiming straight at him.

“Biluo Arrow!?”

His eyes bulged wide open, and he almost could not believe what he saw.

Immediately after that, he took a deep breath to calm his emotions and spread his spirit sense in all directions before he uttered coldly, “Young man, tell your helper to come out.”

“One arrow is all I need to kill you.” Lin Xun’s expression was like ice.

He had already predicted that his journey would not be peaceful and that he was being followed, so when he left, he deliberately went around in circles.

He indeed discovered an enemy!

“Are you saying that the mysterious female saint is not around?” Wu Hengya asked in a deep voice.

He deliberately tried to stall for time and moved extremely vigilantly. He believed that he was not much stronger than Wu Liuchi.

Of course, he was not afraid of Lin Xun, but instead wary of the terrifyingly powerful existence that might be hiding!

“Haha.” Lin Xun smiled mockingly.


Without any hesitation, he released the bowstring, firing the Biluo Arrow across the sky like a divine rainbow.

“Ridiculous, do you think an ant like you can challenge the power of the Saint Stage?” Wu Hengya sneered.

But immediately, color drained from his face and he went stiff. He sensed a feeling of deadly danger.

It did not come from the mysterious female saint who he feared, but from…

The Biluo Arrow!

This is bad!

He charged upwards, trying to dodge the attack.


Unfortunately, he had already lost the opportunity. The Biluo Arrow skewered right through him and lifted his body into mid-air. The body froze for a moment before it exploded.

He finally understood how Wu Liuchi died! It wasn’t the doing of the so-called mysterious female saint, but the Biluo Arrow instead.


It’s that bow...

There’s a very familiar aura...

The final scene that Wu Hengya saw before his death was the No-Nonsense Bow buzzing leisurely. At that moment, he understood everything.

It’s that!

He completely lost consciousness and died on the spot.

Lin Xun heaved a sigh of relief and put away the No-Nonsense Bow and the Biluo Arrow. He found it easier to kill Wu Hengya than Wu Liuchi.

This was because he caught Wu Hengya off guard with his attack. The other party was focused on guarding against the mysterious female saint and underestimated the terrifying power of the No-Nonsense Bow!

Lin Xun went up to collect the spoils.

But at that moment, his expression dramatically changed, and he frantically drew back and summoned the Grand Universe Ark to escape.


Just as Lin Xun left, a wrinkly and bony hand slammed down at where he had been standing with a blaze of blinding sacred light.

Within a radius of thousands of feet, rocks, vegetation, mountain peaks and everything...was pulverized into smithereens.

This side of the world was obliterated just like that!

Chapter 1347: Heavenly Oracle
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