The Prodigies War
Chapter 1179: Like a Miracle

Chapter 1179 Like a Miracle

The moment that the dao seed formed, Lin Xun felt unprecedentedly strong!

It was as though not even time could erode him and make him perish!

This was not due to a change to his lifespan but instead it was because he gained an immortal-like power.


The sky and earth were quaking, the air was rumbling, and endless dao light was beaming across the world, casting a sacred and ethereal glow onto Lin Xun.

Unlike when he was in a tragic and distressing state earlier, he stood straight and motionless in the air yet still exuded a superior power that struck terror into everyone across the eight wasteland!

Both inside and outside of the city, countless cultivators were quivering with awe and shock.

The king stage stood loftily above the five great cultivation stages. Its spirit was as bright as a lantern that illuminated for eternity. In the absence of the saints, kings were the most superior!

In the entire Ancient Wasteland Domain, only a handful of people could set foot on the king stage.

And only those people could be considered overlords, rule one side of the world, and draw forth reverence from all beings!

The king stage was further divided into true king and false king.

A king who had yet to form a dao seed was called a false king.

Lin Xun was destined to be different from all kings in the world in the secular sense. He had overcome the supreme king tribulation, forged the supreme dao seed, and stepped onto the supreme king stage!

This had happened never before in all ages!

It was only after some ancient-era eccentric genius came to the Supreme Realm that they successively set foot into the same stage as Lin Xun.

But still, only very few did so!

Even among the supreme figures, there was not even one in a thousand!

But Lin Xun succeeded.

This was unbelievable because everyone could tell that, from beginning to end, Lin Xun had never once obtained any heaven-defying fortunes nor been blessed with heaven-defying opportunities.

He succeeded by himself. He set off a great unprecedented tribulation that was rarely seen throughout all ages. Then, he defied the heavens and conquered the lightning tribulation to become a true king!

No one could have believed or predicted this.

It also meant that Lin Xun’s supreme path was destined to be completely different from other supreme kings’.

It was a miracle!



High above, Lin Xun’s body was still roaring, undergoing the final transformation and transcendence.

He closed his eyes and quietly felt the changes within him.

Inside, the Derivation Wheel no longer existed, replaced by a strange but brilliant dao seed, where all his cultivation converged and which contained unimaginably terrifying vitality.

It was smooth, round, pure and bright, and produced a breath-like rhythm as though resonating with the qi and blood circulating within.

The dao seed was the source of the king stage and contained the dao foundation of a cultivator!

As one’s cultivation improved, the seed would grow roots, sprout, thrive and mature into a tree as tall as the sky.

The tree could be called longevity.

The dao seed was the core to king stage experts in the world seeking the longevity path.

Evidently, Lin Xun’s dao seed was unlike anyone else’s.

It had the appearance of an abyss and was surrounded by water and fire and the qi of immortality. Additionally, it contained the true dragon as well as an incomparably mysterious and terrifying foundation.

In his mind-sea, the spirit had also transformed, becoming as bright as a lantern that burned day and night. His primordial spirit had also formed the second spirit flower.

The flower was called ‘seeing the present.’

It was the second level of spirit flower convergence!

Generally speaking, those who just set foot into the king stage only had the power to explore and understand the first level of spirit flower convergence.

This fact alone proved that Lin Xun had already massively surpassed his peers in terms of the transformation of his spirit.

Even if he was killed, as long as he released a wisp of primordial spirit, he could still have the power to rebuild his body and restore his life!

In addition to his newly transformed cultivation and spirit, Lin Xun’s energy and qi, great dao comprehension and control of martial arts had also become completely different from before.

This was an extreme transformation, not inferior to nirvana. It was an elevation of the essence of life, transcending the five great cultivation stages and the past. It was completely different from anything else.

From now on, what Lin Xun sought was the longevity path. He needed to grasp the laws of the king stage and he needed to master the power of the king!


After an unknown amount of time, Lin Xun exhaled a long breath and snapped open his eyes. In that split second, two bolts of lightning seemed to shoot across the air with frightening speed and power.

All the excitement and joy within him calmed as he restrained his aura and qi. From the exterior, he was no different from before, aloof and indifferent as the clouds in the sky.

Only his peers could feel that he had become like an invisible great abyss—unfathomable and frightening.


In a flash, Lin Xun vanished into thin air.

After a long moment, the cultivators inside and outside of the city gradually woke up from a state of dazed astonishment.

The heavenly tribulation had collapsed and subsided, Lin Xun had become a king, and all eighteen Earth Treasury Temple disciples had been wiped out...

As every cultivator thought of everything that had happened, various complicated expressions flitted across their faces, including awe, respect, fear, envy and frustration.

The passageway to the Upper Ninth Realm had been open for almost one month already, but Lin Xun still had not left. Many cultivators believed that he was worried about facing attacks after entering the Upper Ninth Realm and running into dangers.

Even the descendants of major forces maliciously reckoned that Lin Xun would be slaughtered if he dared to step foot there.

However, no one imagined that Lin Xun would become a king and a supreme king at that!

“I’m more worried about Demon God Lin’s enemies...” someone remarked.

“Do you remember that kings such as Wu Yuanzhen, Miao Cen, Wang Yuntong and Shang Chong fiercely declared they would take the life of Demon God Lin in the Upper Ninth Realm before they left?”

“Those guys are going to run into trouble then...”

Many people’s expressions changed strangely.


Burning Sky Valley.

In front of a mysterious fire palace, Lin Xun suddenly appeared.

“There are only three days left, why hasn’t Toady shown up yet? Given how that guy is, how would he miss out on all sorts of heavens-defying fortunes and opportunities in the Upper Ninth Realm?”

Lin Xun surveyed the surroundings of the palace.

After ascending to the king stage, his perception changed tremendously.

As he scanned the palace, he found that it was shrouded in an extremely terrifying aura that was possibly related to the Saint path. If he tried to force his way in, he could face tragic consequences.

A moment later, Lin Xun lifted a huge boulder with ease and carved a column of writing into it with his fingers like a sword—

“I will go ahead first, see you in the Upper Ninth Realm.”

With a rumble, Lin Xun inserted the huge boulder into the ground.

Lin Xun reckoned that Toady would definitely notice the writing.


Lin Xun floated over to a flaming red river.

When he first came to Burning Immortal World, a very unusual-looking giant fish appeared in the depths of the river and surprised him with its fierce strength.

Although he failed to kill the fish in the end, he accidentally discovered the secret in the riverbed.

With a flash, he dove into it.

Thousands of feet below the riverbed stood a mysterious bronze door that was inscribed with mottled dao runes and emitted strange light.

A stone pillar was settled on one side of the bronze door, wrapped in thick, fiery red chains.

The other end of the chain was tied to a stone beast statue.

The lifelike beast statue resembled a flood dragon, with its tremendous mountain-like body down in a crouched position.

When Lin Xun arrived, the stone statue seemed to come to life as a wave of frightening and ferocious qi stirred the river.

The fiery red chains glowed brightly and mysterious symbols emerged to suppress the ferocious qi.

Lin Xun was not too surprised. He had witnessed a similar scene before, but at the time he was only at the Cyclic Derivation Stage and dared not make any reckless moves.

But now that he was at the king stage, he was no longer afraid.

He waved his sleeves and sent a blast of air towards the tightly closed bronze door from afar.


To his surprise, the door rumbled open and revealed the scenery inside.

Through the door was an ancient and quaint palace hall that seemed to have been abandoned and buried there for endless years.

In the center of the hall stood a single flame-red altar.

Lin Xun speculated that treasures had previously been arranged on the altar, but it was empty now.

Then, Lin Xun noticed a line of shallow footprints on the dusty ground.

“Chi Yao!”

The moment he investigated the footprints closer, he sensed a unique aura that he was certain to be from Chi Yao.

“She came here first and took away the fortunes left here...” he wrinkled his brows.

He wanted to see if he could find any treasures here before he headed to the Upper Ninth Realm, but that seemed unlikely now.

“No, there’s still a puff of undissipated tribulation qi in the hall!”

Lin Xun narrowed his black eyes. “Could Chi Yao have obtained a heaven-defying fortune here and become king in one go?”

Having just survived a supreme king tribulation, Lin Xun was more than familiar with the tribulation qi. He was certain that a great tribulation had descended here.

In that case, Chi Yao most likely had become a supreme king!

After all, she had been silent for countless years to reach the supreme king stage. If she chose to challenge the tribulation, then she would not be happy with just becoming an ordinary king.

Lin Xun lamented.

I accidentally discovered this mysterious place when I first arrived in the Burning Immortal World. If I had grasped it then, then I might have already set foot into the supreme king stage.

Now, Chi Yao benefited from it instead.

But immediately, Lin Xun shook his head and chuckled. His dao path never relied on such illusory fortunes and opportunities.

In the end, Lin Xun left.

At the bottom of the river, the stone beast statue that was bound by fiery-red chains suddenly opened its chilling eyes and filled the place with a bloodthirsty aura, thick with murderous intent.

“Interesting, that boy reeks of the great dao aura of Star Annihilation…It’s a shame that I will have to wait until the Supreme Realm is destroyed before I have the chance to break free of the suppression of Burning Immortal Chen Linkong and return to the Ancient Star Path. However, I don’t know how long I will have to wait till then…” a sigh loaded with endless bitterness and hatred echoed faintly at the bottom of the river.

Then, the ferocious beast statue closed its eyes.

Everything returned to calmness.

Burning Immortal Ancient City.

Lin Xun drifted past the city. After ascending to the king stage, he could no longer enter the city and could only enter the Upper Ninth Realm through the passage in the Supreme Building.

Chapter 1179: Like a Miracle
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