The Incubus System
Chapter 583: Unexpected Challenge I

Chapter 583 580. Unexpected Challenge I

The Incubus System Chapter 580. Unexpected Challenge I

Nefaris and I just got off our seats. But then, we found Azrael already standing right behind us.

"Azrael. You startle us," complained Nefaris, frowning.

But instead of answering me, he said something else.

"What the fuck?! How could you be stronger than me when our status is the same?!" he protested without further ado. Yeah, it was for me since his gaze was on me.

I smiled awkwardly.

"Uh--- because I'm that demon's son?" I replied cautiously as I could, hoping I didn't offend him. My thumb pointed at Lord Damon.

He turned to Lord Damon who was dancing in the middle of the hall. Despite his status as the king, he moved his body confidently and danced like a pro. He was alone, so all the demon lords and queens' attention was on him.

A smile on his lips showed that he was enjoying this party to the fullest. It was one of the reasons why I quickly hid my Demonic Aura again after I showed it to Syntyche. I didn't want to take the other demons' attention away from him.

Azrael exhaled a long breath.

"Right, I forgot about that," he said before he turned to me again. "But it's still unfair!" he threw his complaint again.

"You know you have more battle experience than I do, right?" I reminded him, hoping it would end there.

He answered with a humming sound.

"Hmm, you're right. So---" A grin appeared on his face as he landed a hard pat on my shoulder.

"Mind for one round with me?" he said in a cheerful tone.

"Oh, no…" Nefaris muttered in annoyance, rolling her eyes to the side.

I put on my awkward smile once again.

"You're kidding, right? We are in the middle of your celebration," I asked in disbelief.

"I'm not kidding! C'mon. I have a nice battle arena outside," he said excitedly. He gripped my shoulder tightly, a sign that he wouldn't let me go until I accepted his challenge.

I took a deep breath.

'Those demons can't give me a break don't they?' I thought. "Fine," I said.

"Great!" he said happily. "Follow me!" He released his grip and walked to the exit. A dark aura covered his body before it turned into a black elegant suit.

As I tailed him, I also used my Demon's Clothes and covered my body with the dark blue suit that matched my hair color.

But then, he stopped in his tracks and turned to Nefaris who was following us silently.

"You can't come with us. This is a private match," he gave her a flat stare.

A frown appeared on her forehead.

"What? Why not?" she complained. "You steal my dance partner and now, you ask me to stay?" She scoffed. "No!" she refused firmly, folding her arms in front of her chest and putting on her arrogant face.

"My palace, my rules. If you can't follow it, get out," Azrael threatened without hesitation.

"You want to fight, huh?" she challenged without a doubt. I could feel the intense stares from the two of them indicating that they were serious.

'Okay, this is so messed up.' So I decided to prevent their real fight. I gave a gentle pad on her shoulder and it made her turn to me.

"It won't be long, Nefaris. We'll dance afterward," I said, hoping I could finish things quickly.

She paused for a while before she gave up and took a deep breath.

"Fine." Then she turned her gaze to Azrael again. "If you don't finish the match quickly. I will crush this party," she threatened.

"Don't worry it won't be long," he reassured. Same with me, it seemed he didn't want to miss out on the party for too long.

After those words left his mouth, Azrael and I exited the hall. As we walked down the corridor, he asked me a lot of things, especially about how I could hide my Demonic Aura and my presence for years. He also looked surprised when I said that I was only 19 years old and felt like a great-great grandpa because of it.

While I asked many questions about how he could manage his city and maintain his power for thousands of years peacefully.

We reached the open corridor and stopped in front of a battle arena near the garden. The size was the same as the royal mansion's battle arena so it should be enough to withstand the strength of both of us.

"So what's the rule?" I asked without looking at him, instead, I cast my gaze on the garden, enjoying the scenery around me.

"Since your 'annoying girlfriend' wants us to finish this quickly, how about no wings, no weapons, only match? So let's just say we will fight like human warriors," he gave an idea.

"And no tentacles," I added. Without wings and weapons, our movement should be more limited so the match should be finished faster.

"Great! Also, don't use your Deathraze, that weapon should be with you right?" he agreed.


We entered the battle arena, stood face-to-face in the distance, and took our attack stances. At the same time, we canceled all of our demonic features so it made us look like ordinary humans. I also took the opportunity to use all my buff skills.

A second later, as fast as lighting, both of us rushed at each other.

'Demonic Spike!' I threw my black lances at him as an opening attack.

But he cast his transparent barrier to block my attacks.

When we almost reached each other, I used my other skill.

'Wrath Kill!' My dark aura covered both my hands and formed a pair of black claws. Quickly, I raised one of my claws, ready to rip him off.

A smirk appeared on his lips as he muttered a skill.

"Anger Blast," he said in a calm tone.


A huge explosion pushed both of us in the opposite direction once my claw collided with his power. I didn't know what it was since it all happened so fast. I gritted my teeth. Expertly, I maneuvered through mid-air before I landed on my feet. Still, the impact pushed my body a few meters, creating a trail of trails beneath my feet.

The wind blowing violently swept across our faces and bodies. It ruffled my hair and made my bangs cover my forehead. Followed by thick smoke due to the impact.

Reflexively, I raised my hands in front of my face, protecting my eyes from the dust and wind that charged at me.

Chapter 583: Unexpected Challenge I
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