The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 620: Chapter 617:Invasion[3]

620 Chapter 617:Invasion[3]

Loud explosions reverberated throughout the battlefield as the ground shook due to the concentrated firepower that landed at the same locations.

In just a matter of seconds, the bodies of countless creatures of Darkness exploded as the powerful spells landed on their bodies.

What they received was the strongest spell of everyone out there beginning from Saint realm experts to God level powerhouse.

Paimon stood stunned for a moment under the heavy bombardment because he didn't expect to see such a greeting. He had led armies to countless small worlds but none of them were able to stand before him.

'No, this isn't due to my incompetence. It's all because of that bitch who wasn't able to do a single thing and made them aware of our locations.'

'Yes, that's it. Otherwise, how can these ants stand a chance against me?'

Paimon consoled himself with his twisting reasoning and shouted.

"Brace yourself!"Paimon shouted, summoning shields to protect himself and others.

The spell did not pose any threat to him but it could wipe out a major chunk of the army.


Power of darkness rushed out forming a barrier to protect them but at the next moment, a small ball of light struck the barrier that soon started to disperse the barrier into nothingness.

'What the hell?'Paimon screamed in surprise and caught the sight of grinning Alex winking at him.

It took a moment for Paimon to understand what just happened now.

'Did he just cast an anti-magic spell? Isn't he a warrior?'

Out of all the individuals Paimon faced, the number of anti-mage spells he encountered can be counted at the tips of his fingers. They were rarest of all, to the point that many worlds either don't have them or those anti-mages live long enough.

The anti-mages can't use normal magic and they help deal with mages by breaking the spell structure but they are completely useless in front of warriors as far as he knew this guy was top existence and his primary weapon in sword and he also knew making him a magic swordsman so how the hell he had anti-magic spells which interfere with casting due to their nature.

At that moment Paimon had a bad forbidding.

'No, I can't lessen guard and take things lightly. What if that guy sneakily cast a spell through the barrage and hit me? I need to defend.'

Paimon concluded things, grabbed the ranked dark creatures beside him and threw them towards the fray of spells to use them as cannon fodder while using the remaining half to defend himself from the blast.

The shadow creatures roared angrily trying to break free but due to Paimon's strength far surpassing them, they were unable to escape his grasp.

Cries of surprise, anger and panic escaped from the shadow creatures as they found themselves getting blown away.

The weaker ones were already crushed into dust while the stronger ones gritting their teeth persisted in trying everything in their arsenal to defend themselves while many tough ones tried to move forward taking the barrage head-on.

Blood of pieces of flesh rose into the air and a mist of blood rose up towards the cry. The entire space vibrates due to the dense energy spreading around like a shock wave.

A sonic explosion loud enough to blast one ear drums kept on echoing creating large ripples. Flames raged all around burning away the ground below.

The space that was ocean before had now turned into a hollow mass of void.

The frightening scene was enough to make one scalp numb in fear but all of this was just beginning.

"Fire in the hole! Don't stop until everyone is incinerated or destroyed."Alex ordered and then thinking about something shouted

"Hurt, I don't care where the hell are you but if you are listening, use the void to transfer the energy of explosions coming at us back to the enemy.''

Hurt was amidst the frontline firing spell and almost coughed hearing Alex words.

'You can also do that. Why are you asking an ant like me to do this? Damn, he thinks of me as his servant.'

If Alex heard this, instead of refuting he would have asked, are you not?

At the back,Alex observed everything solemnly. He didn't blink an eye in fear of missing something that might cause a mishap.

From memories extracted from Dentalium, he knew that Paimon was a conceited fool and too arrogant. Just because he had led an army to many mini-worlds and destroyed them easily, he thinks he was the protagonist of the story.

If the world is divided into small, middle and big, Everton was born with the fate of an upper-middle-world but due to the God Of Darkness shitting around here and there, this world hadn't reached its full potential.

But even though the living beings hadn't developed to their full potential, the Goddess and their army were as strong as they should have been, so unless someone from the big world interfered, the battle would last long.

Unless the fate of the world is threatened by someone outside, the heaven army of angels can't move otherwise they will suffer the backlash. With them, and the hell army, he was confident of confronting them even if the whole army of God of Darkness descends.

But this stalemate would break once the God Of Darkness breaks through.

'Haaaaa...There isn't any need to panic. I also have plans but it's annoying to fight such a cockroach.'

Moreover, though one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, these bastards not only looks like shit from the outside, they are much worse than shit from the inside.

Their ugliness makes one skill skin creep like an insect crawling over their bodies.

"Alex, your expression isn't quite right. Is that guy strong enough to pose a danger to you?"Mezov asked with a frown seeing Alex's expression turning ugly.

His words drew everyone's attention towards Alex as they waited for his answer.

Alex stared deeply and answered.

"Yeah, he is strong."

"He's so strong that I can't one-shot him," Alex said seriously but his words almost made others choke.

Chapter 620: Chapter 617:Invasion[3]
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