The Cannon Fodder Turns His Sister Into A Soaring Phoenix
Chapter 206: Jiujiu: Who Is She? Yu Die: Who Are You?

While Su Yanyu ran behind the pine tree with her clothes in her arms to change, Feng Yu Die walked back and poked the four corpses with a sword to check them.

After all, they were cultivators in the middle stage of *Foundation Building*. She was worried about them having some backup plans, so she did not dare to leave anyone alive to ask about the situation.

But now she regretted it a bit.

If she had known these people were so weak, she would have kept one alive for questioning.


Feng Yu Die squatted in front of one head, propped up her cheek, picked up a branch at her feet, and poked at its face, asking: "Why do you want to kill me? I haven't done anything to you."

Asking a corpse questions, naturally, there wouldn't be a reply.

Feng Yu Die pouted and carefully recalled the recent encounters of the past few days.

However, apart from yesterday's murder in that *Sword Pavilion*, there really wasn't anything worth mentioning. The rest of the time, she either accompanied Yun Jiujiu to drink and eat roasted chicken or accompanied her to fight...

And, judging from the thunder talismans set up by this group, as well as their decisive actions, it seemed that they were coming for her life rather than kidnapping or robbing her.

Feng Yu Die scratched the back of her head and looked up at the sky. "Xiao Tian, you know something about this?"

Xiao Tian first confirmed that there were no signs of any living things around, then she flew down and shook her head helplessly. *"I've been busy with renovations these past few days. I have no idea what happened outside. How would I know? Think about whether you've offended someone again."*

"Tsk... useless Xiao Tian." Feng Yu Die complained with a puffed-up face. "If Young Master Ye were here, he would probably know what's going on."

Xiao Tian blinked, feeling inexplicably aggrieved. As the spirit of the *Heavenly Dao Scroll*, she was actually evaluated by her master as being no better than a young cultivator?!

But after thinking about it, she was relieved. It was good that Yu Die relied on Young Master Ye! It was a great thing!

*"Ah, yes, yes, yes, yes..."* Xiao Tian flew to Feng Yu Die with an evil smile and suggested, *"Why don't you become Young Master Ye's cultivation partner? Then, you can ask him anything you want, and I'll also have some free time."*

"Go away!" Feng Yu Die waved her off irritably and said, "Why do you always try to pair me up with Young Master Ye whenever you come out?! So annoying! Go back to your nest."

*"Sigh..."* Xiao Tian shook her head and sighed, circled over Feng Yu Die's head, and then went back into her house to laze by the fire.

Feng Yu Die looked around, thinking that she was going to meet Ye Anping and Pei Lianxue tonight anyway. The place they had previously decided was by a large old tree in the forest below the **Middle Peak**. She would just ask him then.

At this moment, Su Yanyu came out of the forest after getting dressed. Her face no longer showed the previous panic, and she appeared much calmer, but it seemed that she had suffered internal injuries as her complexion was somewhat pale.

She walked to Feng Yu Die and shyly asked, "Master Feng... Do you have time later? I don't have many spirit stones on me right now. How about you come with me to my place, and I'll give them to you? I can treat you to a meal and drinks, what do you say?"

"It's fine, it's fine." Feng Yu Die smiled and waved her hand. "When you have the spirit stones, just come over and give them to me. I won't charge you interest."

"Well then, thank you..."

Su Yanyu blushed and nodded, but the next moment, she suddenly fell forward, startling Feng Yu Die, who quickly caught her and supported her in her arms.

"Ah? Sister Su, are you all right?"

"I'm a little dizzy... I think my meridians were injured by the thunder talismans..."

"Shall I take you back?"

Su Yanyu pursed her lips. "...Then, I'll trouble you, Master Feng."

"No problem~ It's no big deal."

As she spoke, Feng Yu Die was about to princess-carry her. However, Su Yanyu looked at her face hesitantly before adding, "Well... Master Feng, I... already have a partner, so..."


"No... nothing..."

As Su Yanyu said that, her eyes slowly closed, and she completely lost her strength, leaning on Feng Yu Die's chest.

Feng Yu Die didn't pay much attention. She squatted down and reached under Su Yanyu's knees to lift her.

However, just as she was about to pick Su Yanyu up, suddenly, a shout resounded through the forest from not far away. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa--!"

Feng Yu Die turned and saw a cute little girl with blond curly hair reaching her waist. She was holding onto the trunk of a pine tree, staring at her in shock.

Seeing Feng Yu Die looking over, the little girl ran over angrily on her short legs, but for some reason, she stepped on her skirt halfway through and fell face-first into the snow. After she wiped the snow on her face, she continued running.

With a tight frown, the little girl pointed at Su Yanyu in Feng Yu Die's arms, questioning, "Who is she?!"

Stunned, Feng Yu Die looked her up and down and asked with a raised eyebrow. "And who are you?"

"I..." The little girl looked at the blue dress she wore and answered, "I am Jiujiu."

"You are also called Jiujiu? What is your relationship with Sister Jiujiu?"

"I... I am your sister, Jiujiu." Yun Jiujiu shyly responded. Then, she took a deep breath, raised her small fist, and stared into Feng Yu Die's eyes. "I put this on specially for you! Do I look good?! If you dare say I don't look good, I'll kick your ass!!"

Feng Yu Die hunched her head between her shoulders and said, "Then, if you want to beat me, I'll definitely say you look good."

Yun Jiujiu was taken aback. She thought for a moment, and asked again, "Okay, I won't beat you. Do you think my dress looks good?"

Feng Yu Die carefully observed and found that Yun Jiujiu's blue dress was very similar to the one Sister Pei often wore. If it wasn't for her golden wavy hair, she could be a smaller version of Sister Pei.

Since it was like Sister Pei, of course she looked good!

So, she nodded quickly. "Yeah, it looks good."

"It's good if it looks good..." Yun Jiujiu nodded and smiled. "I'll get used to it for a while, and then I can wear it for you every day."

"Huh? Why do you want to wear it for me?"

Yun Jiujiu cocked her head and asked, "Didn't you say it looks good?"


Feng Yu Die didn't understand a thing, but she didn't have time to care. Supporting Su Yanyu, she pointed at the four corpses behind them and said, "Jiujiu, these people tried to kill me. Can you help me investigate?"

Only then did Yun Jiujiu notice that four beheaded corpses were lying over there. After a moment of pause, she quickly went forward with a frown and poked one of them with the tip of her embroidered shoe.

After a short inspection, she turned to Feng Yu Die and asked, "Brother Yu, who are these people?"


"You're asking me?! Don't you recognize them?"

"I don't know them. Are you hurt?"


It took a moment for Yun Jiujiu to suddenly realize that a group of people had sneaked into her **Sword Wine Peak** and tried to ambush and kill her Brother Yu.

Several veins popped on her forehead as she stomped forcefully on the snowy ground. Then, she raised her head and roared, "Hey, over here---!!!"



The echoing roar caused the surrounding pine trees to sway, and the accumulated snow on branches fell down.

Feng Yu Die flinched, and her ears buzzed for a while.

Not long after, dozens of **Sword Wine Peak**'s disciples arrived on their flying swords.

After they landed, they looked around left and right, their eyes swept over the three people standing there, and finally, they came to Feng Yu Die.

The leader asked, "Master Feng, where is Sister Jiujiu? Didn't she call us?"

Feng Yu Die raised her right hand and pointed her index finger at Yun Jiujiu, who was standing in front of the corpses with her arms akimbo. "There she is~"

Dozens of **Sword Wine Peak** disciples turned their heads simultaneously and looked toward Yun Jiujiu. At the same time, everyone frowned and wondered in unison: Is that Sister Jiujiu? Where are her old wooden clogs, short pants, and dragon-patterned coat? What's with the floral dress and embroidered shoes?

Why did their Sister Jiujiu turn into a sissy?!!

"Why are you all standing there?! Start investigating!!! If you don't find out the identities of these people today, I'll give you all an earful! Damn it, who dares to do such bad things right under my nose! Ptui--"

Oh! She didn't turn into a sissy! Phew! The disciples from **Sword Wine Peak** came back to their senses and cupped their hands. "Yes, Miss!!"

Chapter 206: Jiujiu: Who Is She? Yu Die: Who Are You?
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