The Bloodline System (Web Novel)
The Bloodline System (Web Novel)

The Bloodline System (Web Novel)

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The Bloodline System (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Adventure, and Action genres. Written by the Author TimVic. 1415 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In a future timeline, the earth was visited by a species known as the Slarkovs.
Having lost their home planet and in search of a new one, earth was the next habitable planet for them.

Humans and Slarkovs made a deal with each other in return for the Slarkovs living on earth.
The Slarkovs traded their technology and knowledge for a new home.
They were similar to humans except for some of them who had slight differences so fitting into the society wasn't a problem.
Over the years Slarkovs and humans began to mate with one another and reproduce offsprings.
This in turn created a new species known as the mixed-blood.
Centuries later mixedbloods could tap into their bloodline and perform unimaginable feats.

Gustav born into an age where bloodline determines everything, struggles to fit with a useless bloodline.
His bloodline only grants him the ability to change his hair color, destroying his hopes and dreams for a great future.
His fate is turned around when an unexpected situation leads to him finding a system that grants him the power to unlock and upgrade bloodlines by completing quests but he's baffled by two quests with a five-year deadline. Success will grant him unimaginable rewards...
But only one thing awaits him if he fails... Death!

Follow Gustav on his interesting journey filled with unprecedented adventures, danger and death, maybe?

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  • DingDingDing 18

    I read this novel a while ago after reading Supremacy Games and Oracle Path. I was looking for a Bloodline/Mutation Fantasy novel and came across this. This should not be ranked this high.

    Edited: 2d
  • IgnotusM 5

    Story is terrible, but interesting enough! I'm saddened because author is a Nigerian, and as an African man, I should be rooting for him, but I just can't. This is what he said to a comment about the MCs parents' abuse being ridiculous: "And you know what discrimination is all about because you've experienced it before? lol... If you ain't reading anymore it's cool but don't go around assuming things that you know nothing about." I'm sorry, but no amount of abuse you felt as a kid could compare to a dad that gives a kid 200 lashes because their little brother got a small cut. Not to mention, w/ 200 lashes, you should have bled to death. This society is just too stupid to exist. Think of the evilest society in human history, even they were nicer to their members than the one this writer created. They make supervillains seem 3 dimensional. Really if the society was as cruel as the author makes it seem, MC should have been killed or kidnapped for organ harvesting a long time ago.

  • InThend 7

    I remember Mc having a romance with an annoying girl. Is this still going on?If so, there is no reason for me to start this novel again. I don't think I would read it even if I died of lack of novels.

  • Poxicate 1

    Can someone help me with chapters? I was reading this like 2-3 years ago and I forgot what chapter I was at. I just remember he pick a new sword that was out of his league and after that he cut many trees then some old dude told him don't do that cause we don't have many jungle left. Sorry for bad English it's my third language Edit: I forgot to ask, is that pink haired girl still annoying asf?

    Edited: 1mo
  • lnwUser46713 1

    I want to know, if the protagonist kills his younger brother? Or does he spare his life? Somebody tell me, please

    • LordTee 13

      He spares him

      • nakroth 2

        I don't believe it 🤦🤢🤮

      • Problem_Child 2

        Spared him because of the pink girl.

      • AstroXVVX 2

        I was pretty p*ss*d when I read it too. Don't worry though his little brother goes through good character development and does everything for him.

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  • LordTee 13

    Has this guy completed his mission of being the strongest on his planet ?

    • Minecraft108 3

      Last I remember it was at around 30% I think

  • Emperor_NoseFace 20

    Is the broken chapter problem fixed? That no-harem tag is pulling me like a moth to a flame.

  • AJ2509 1

    yh he has done his best to fix the chapters though some are not edited

  • SamuelBurton 3

    Its okay at best. The plot is ok, nothin special but its enough to read. The problem is the absolutly horrendous grammer that completely ruins the story for the first half. While the second half is ruined by messed up repeated, missing, or broken chapters. Halfway through a chapter it will suddenly switch to one that was 300 chapters ago, and its never fixed so the rest that was replaced is just gone. And its not like just one or two. Basically every other chapter is broken like that.

    Edited: 2mo
  • Morne 1

    I read until early 1000s and the chapters were messed up, is it fixed here?