Strongest Mage with the Lust system
Chapter 512: Elves’ trump card

Chapter 512 Elves' trump card

After checking the rest of the skills, he couldn't help but be disappointed because, according to the system, none of them could exceed grade four, making them worthless in his eyes.

Seeing his disappointed expression, Rima asked, "What is it? You don't like any of them?"

"Yeah. Only that one is slightly better while the rest are not up to par," Max sighed.

The corner of Rima's lips twitched when she heard this. Didn't that mean the movement techniques of several kingdoms were trash?

She then stepped forward and picked up the [Pheonix Wings] and said, "I don't know about the rest but this skill is not ordinary."

"How do you know?" Max asked because she hadn't even opened it yet.

In response, Rima grinned, "It's because I've already checked all the fire, Plant and wind elemental spells and techniques on this floor."

A tender look appeared in his eyes when he heard this. Because she clearly did that for him, Belen, and Leticia.

Leaning toward her, he gently kissed her. "Thank you!"

"Hehe, just this kiss was worth all the time I spend here." She smiled and then said, "Now, let's get back to the topic. As I was saying, this technique is one of the best even among the other elemental ones and that's not only because it can make you three times faster with just basic mastery but also because there is another part of it on the third floor. When combined, it won't be weaker than a normal grade five elemental technique."

Max suddenly grew excited. "Is that true?"

"Although I haven't seen it myself since I wasn't allowed to go on the third floor, even with my status, the librarian here had told me about this." Rima nodded.

"Good. Let's go to the third floor." Max said, putting away the first part of the [Pheonix Wings]. Since the first part could be as strong as an ordinary king ranked technique, maybe with both parts he won't need to look for a better one before he became a supreme mage.

"Alright." Rima nodded, thinking that he wanted it for when he broke through to the four-star realm.

Then the trio headed upstairs but were immediately blocked by an old Elvin woman in black clothes. She glanced at them and frowned. "Humans? Who allowed you in here?"

As soon as she appeared in front of them, Amara took a step back while Max felt as if he was standing in the presence of a monster.

'She is… terrifyingly strong.' He exclaimed in his heart. Meanwhile, Rima looked at them in confusion. Why did they look… scared?

"Interesting!" The old woman's eyes flickered briefly before she repeated the question, "Who allowed in here?"

Taking a deep breath, Max bowed slightly toward her, "Greetings, senior. We are here to see if we can find some suitable spells. Guard commander Ryan had allowed us to."

"That kid? Just what is he thinking, allowing three-star mages to enter the third floor?" The woman shook her head, muttering. She then stepped to the side, allowing them entry. "Go on."

They were surprised that Ryan hadn't informed her, but it was understandable because he wouldn't have expected them—

three-star mages—to come to the third floor where grade four spells are kept. Also, her calling him 'kid' surprised them a little too. His status was almost equal to the city lord, and people should address him respectfully.

"Um, don't you want to verify if we are speaking the truth?" Rima asked. Since she wasn't informed beforehand, shouldn't she check if they were speaking the truth or not?

"There is no need. Now go on." The old woman dismissively waved her hand before taking a seat on the wooden chair right beside the entrance.

Max and Rima exchanged glances before walking inside. After they were inside, Max mentally asked the system, 'System, how strong is that woman?'

[She is an emperor mage, host.]

'That doesn't make sense. Old granny is also an emperor ranked mage, but she doesn't feel as monstrous as this old woman.' Max said, 'Or is it because she is injured?'

[Yes, host. However, another is host found this old woman monstrous because her nature is violent and bloodthirsty unlike host's granny who has a mild temperament.] The system explained.

'Okay.' Max nodded and thought, 'I never thought they would have an emperor mage hiding here. Well, I won't have to worry about my family's safety now, at least.'

A while later, they found the second part of the [Pheonix Wings].

[Pheonix Wings (Part two): Once mastered, the user can increase his original speed by ten folds. Circulation method: Channel your mana through…]

After reading it, he asked the system, 'System, what is this technique's maximum potential now?'

[Grade 8, host.]

'Which means I don't need to look for any other movement technique until I breakthrough to the supreme mage realm.' Max thought, satisfied. 'Now I only need to comprehend it.' He frowned because this would take quite some time, which he didn't have.

Just then, the system spoke up again.

[Host, the system shop has things that can improve comprehension abilities by multiple folds for a short amount of time. Host should try them.]

Max's wyes glowed when he heard this and he immediately said, 'Nice timing. Now, please help me find something suitable and affordable.'

[Yes, host.]

Just then, Rima asked, "What are you thinking, husband?"

"Mm?" Amara's brows shot up when she heard this but didn't say anything.

"No. Nothing." Max shook his head and said, "Let's go down and see if everyone has found what they need."


When they came down, the ladies weren't done choosing their spells yet.

He glanced at Rima and said, "Why don't you go and help them? I'll wait here."

"Alright." Rima nodded and walked away to help Leticia and others.

'Have you found something suitable, system?' He asked the system.

[Yes, host.] The system answered, and immediately, a window popped up in front of him. There was a drop of red liquid in a small bottle with a brief introduction written beside it.

Chapter 512: Elves’ trump card
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