Son of the Hero King
Son of the Hero King

Son of the Hero King

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Son of the Hero King novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Hikaru Genji. 573 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


He was once a simple boy, drifting aimlessly along with the flow of the world. But one day, he awakened to find himself being different from his usual self, finding himself now hosting the body of a newborn.

He had been reincarnated, that too as the sole prince and heir of the human empire. Now living in a world of sword and magic, filled with fantastical beasts, demi-humans, divine beasts, Goddesses and so much more. Life finally seemed to take a turn for the better for the reincarnated boy.

However, as always, reality had its cruel ways of disappointing him. His parents died shortly after his birth in a war to save humanity, subjecting him to the life of an orphan. All the people vying for the throne turned against him, looking for any and all opportunities to kill him, the last living heir to the throne. Fortunately, he had his aunt, his last living family, who helped protect him by becoming the acting queen but this came with the price of being holed up in his palace till his ‘awakening’ which would enable him to defend himself and survive in this cruel world…

Witness his tale of struggle, of valor, of love, of lust as he goes against his fate and destiny and embarks on a path that would lead him to the very center of the conflict, of the mystery, of the truth that spanned since the very creation of this world.
The one on the cover is Ambrosia.
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  • Ralex 2

    We're so back

  • Ashes18 1

    The chapters are detailed and long .

  • AriesDraconic 4

    We Have Chapters!!!!!

  • Tomo_mo 14

    Author is alive holy sh*t.

  • falcon123 1

    I started reading it and really liked it. But now I realized that the author is slowing down the pace of releasing chapters... I hope he focuses on this novel again

  • Oya_Ko_Don 8

    What happen? Its still updating in webnovel why did it stop here?

    • JujuDConqueror 2

      Just dropped some new chapters

  • falcon123 1

    It's been several months since I found this novel and I left it on the list to read later, I did this because I thought it was 18+ content and the story maybe wasn't that good but... I'm loving it!!!!! I confess that I was surprised and greatly underestimated this work (and it's also fun to read the author's notes at the end of the chapters). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING.

  • a_collectionof_cells 5

    mom ded ! nooooo i want incel

  • Lord0318 4

    Is the *nc*st with his aunt? I'm assuming that's it based on the synopsis, also when does that happen?

    • Reader_08 2

      The *nc*st is with his cousin, lilin. And as for his aunt its hard to say but yeah she is definitely in the harem

      Edited: 27d
  • MHLEnviro 8

    The tags are scary, Goodbye.

    • ZEDz 5

      I was literally gonna read it, but your comment opened my eyes to the dark hole i was diving into... the mc's cousin's dark hole :"X

      • MHLEnviro 8

        Lol, I have some recommendation if you didn't read them. Outside of time, The throne of magical arcane (It is like lord of mysteries, but simpler), Cursed immortality, Reaper of the drifting moon, Martial universe, Trash of the count's family.

    • KenmaKozume13422 1


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