Reincarnated as an Energy with a System
Chapter 1266: The Mayor

Chapter 1266 The Mayor

"What? What happened to my father?" the chubby man asked hurriedly.

"You must go back home quickly," the man said. "I will find a doctor and quickly follow you."

"I'm a doctor," Ning said, butting in. "If you need any immediate help."

"You are?" the Chubby man asked.

"You are?" Byron asked as well.

"I am," Ning said. "I can go and check what is wrong with the mayor."

"That's good enough for me," the chubby man said. "Let us go."

He started walking away without hesitation. Ning followed behind the mayor's son, and Byron couldn't help but follow them as well. With his Uncle apparently, in trouble, he had to go. "You, go find another doctor just in case," the chubby man said before making his way back toward the mayor's mansion.

The chubby man was slow in his walking, but as someone in the Essence Manifestation realm, he was still faster than a normal human when it came to walking.

The other two were behind, barely stopping themselves from just sprinting ahead, but judging by the man's anger issues, it would have been a bad idea.

They arrived some minutes later at a mansion that was built on a small hill and required climbing a few stairs to reach. There seemed to be two roads that went around the hill to the mansion at the top but that was likely reserved for beasts pulling carts.

The humans simply had to climb the stairs.

After climbing up the stairs, the three of them were presented with a chaotic atmosphere as most maids and servants had no idea what they were supposed to do.

"Move aside!" the chubby man spoke, rushing through the crowd to go to where his father was.

Ning and Byron rushed behind him as well, entering the mansion as quickly as they could. As they entered, Ning saw that there were three more people that were being taken care of. He wanted to stay ad check on them, but the mayor seemed the more important person to look after in this place.

They arrived in a room with servants that took care of the mayor, by washing his face with water and applying homemade ointments on him for early treatment.

"What's going on? What is wrong with my father?" the chubby man spoke.

The servants were a little scared when they heard the shout and moved away from the mayor. "Master is injured," one of them said. "His… his neck is broken, and he's unconscious."

"What?" the chubby man shouted before rushing to his father's side. "Father? Are you okay? Can you hear me?

But of course, the mayor could not hear his son at all.

Ning looked from where he was and could already see the swelling at the back of the old man's neck from the broken bones. He looked at the other parts of his body with his various visions and noticed multiple instances where his body was struck with some blunt objects.

While the bones there hadn't broken, the area was certainly bruised.

"You said you are a doctor, right?" the chubby man asked. "See what is wrong with my father."

'Damn! He doesn't even say please,' Ning thought, walking up to the old man before acting as if he was checking on a few things. "Hmm, nothing is actually wrong with him," Ning said. "He must have hit his head or something or was attacked by something that caused him to faint. Your father will wake up on his own in time."

"Really? He's… he's not hurt?" the man asked.

Byron looked at his Uncle's figure and could tell that it was hurt. But then… why was Ning lying? "He will wake up on his own after your own home treatment," Ning said. "But, if you want to wake him up quickly, bring me a bunch of lemons."

"Lemons?" the man asked before shouting out loud. "Lemons! Bring me lemons."

A few of the maids and servants rushed to get the lemons and using that moment, Ning quickly healed the old man. He was still going to be asleep for a while, but he could be woken up by feeding something.

"What happened to my father?" the young man asked. "He was supposed to be in the forest, hunting beats."

"He must have come across a particularly strong beast then," Ning said. "It must have hit him on his head, knocking him out."

"Is that so?" the man asked before turning around. "Where are the others that are always by my father? Those men. Bring them here right now."

"They…" one of the servants spoke. "They are injured too, young master. They are in the hall, waiting for the doctor."

"What?" the chubby man asked. "Goddamn useless pieces of—"

"The lemon!" someone brought it quickly.

Ning took the lemon and quickly squeezed it into the old man's mouth, feeding the juices directly in. The old man caught and screamed in anger as he woke up. "What the hell? Ptui! Ptui!" he spit out the lemon juice.

"Father!" the chubby man said. "You are alright."

"Of course, I am…" the mayor paused. "What happened to me?"

"I don't know," The man asked. "You were supposed to be in the forest. How were you hurt?"

"I was…" the mayor thought. "I was in the forest and… and I saw a beast. An incredible beast. I went to it and then—"

"Young Master!" someone walked into the room. It was the person that had gone to get the doctor.

"Mayor?" his eyes widened in shock. "Mayor, you're alright!" "I am," the mayor said. "What happened to me? Why did I faint?"

"Do you not remember the battle, Mayor?" the man asked.

"Battle?" the mayor finally recalled and his eyes went wide in anger. "That little bitch! Find her!"

"I already found her, mayor," the man said. "Some of my men already noticed her coming back."

"Good!" the mayor said, getting out of bed. "Gather everyone. We will get her this time."

Chapter 1266: The Mayor
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