Predatory Marriage (Web Novel)
Predatory Marriage (Web Novel)

Predatory Marriage (Web Novel)


364 Chapters 9.71M Views 11.8K Bookmarked Completed Status

Predatory Marriage (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Ecchi, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Forgive. 364 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Princess Leah wrote a suicide note ahead of her wedding.

It was because she was certain that she would die after the wedding night; a miserable end of a princess who devoted her life to the country and to the royal family.

But before giving up her life, Leah planned her last revenge to the family, one that would surely leave them in ruins even after she became a cold corpse.

She would bring them shame by being a non-virgin bride.

“Why did you throw away your first experience? Don’t you just want to run away?”

“I… I want to die.” Leah impulsively confided to the man she slept with for one night.

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  • Evileek 9

    Bro is it the right place to beat your meat ?

  • Rakuean 11

    the fact that a novel like this is among the top rankings once again made me realize how disgusting we humans are *sigh*

  • Slimeson_7o7 12

    So... uhhh Previously I had blabbered unknowingly about the novel But contrary to my expectations it was not what I imagined it to be Though I still feel that the sm*t is wrong timed

  • CaptainCrimson 22

    Just came here to say that just by the name you'll be degenerate sh*ts if you read this👍

    Edited: 2d
  • AbsurdistReality42 19

    From what i'm reading in the comments section this is only high up because 1. Its p*rn 2. It has a manwha with good art I have not heard a single thing bout the storyline aside from that it's sm*t. I don't know if i want to read this. Does anyone know if the actual plot is good or is this just genuinely overhyped?

  • Defying_Demon_Flys 15

    How did this come into top 10 ???..!!!!! I am f*ck*ng speechless. Now no matter what I gotta try this

  • Slimeson_7o7 12

    Wait WTF with those tags?? AND its sm*t Just waht is wrong with you people?? People have really gone senile Is it bcoz of the manhwa or something (art beautiful though) How the heck is it in top 10 Haiyaaaaah!!! Reminds of my ex-wife

    Edited: 5d
  • HelloWorld99 3

    How down bad are you all in order to push this to the top 10


    Is this an assasin? Cuz it came outs nowhere and entered the top ten, poison test someone?

  • LeeOnwho0nlyReadPEAK 9

    Just wanna ask . Is it enjoyable? . I mean I have only read orginal English sm*t novel and haven't read kr/jp/cn sm*t novels . What should I expect from it? . I am not a fan female protagonists, it's a good thing that i didn't see harem tag . Is male lead good? . Is there pov switchs? .

    Edited: 7d
    • Slimeson_7o7 12

      I hare read only 1 korean sm*t novel And that's city of b*tch*s Oh, sorry' kidding It's City of witches