Martial God Asura (Web Novel)
Chapter 5823: The World of Cultivation is About to Change

Chapter 5823: The World of Cultivation is About to Change

“Take care of yourself, Miaomiao.” Chu Feng came up and embraced Xian Miaomiao.

She was a good friend who had braved life-and-death situations with Chu Feng since their time in the Lower Realm. Chu Feng would miss her as well.

“I’ll work hard in my cultivation too. I shall be the one to protect you next time,” Xian Miaomiao said before turning to Little Fishy. “See you, little sister Yu’er.”

“See you, big sister Miaomiao.”

Xian Miaomiao rose into the sky, while Little Fishy obediently waved her farewell.

As soon as Xian Miaomiao disappeared, Little Fishy looked at Chu Feng with large, curious eyes. “Big brother, big sister Miaomiao likes you, right?”

Before Chu Feng could reply, Xianhai Shaoyu butted in, “Are you jealous?”

“I wouldn’t be jealous. I am fond of big sister Miaomiao too,” Little Fishy replied.

“Stop acting, Xianhai Yu’er. Are you sure you only like big sister Miaomiao and not my Brother Chu Feng?” Xianhai Shaoyu teased.

“Continue talking nonsense and I’ll rip your mouth off,” Little Fishy said with a pout as she shook her little fists.

“Fine, I’ll take it as you don’t like Brother Chu Feng. He’s mine then.” Xianhai Shaoyu embraced Chu Feng and even nuzzled against the latter’s chest.

Little Fishy immediately grabbed Xianhai Shaoyu and tried to pull him away from Chu Feng. “You bastard! Get away from my big brother!”

However, Xianhai Shaoyu tightly hugged Chu Feng, refusing to let go. “My little sister, you said you don’t like Brother Chu Feng anyway. Why don’t you give him to me?”

“You bastard! Go and die!”

Amidst the ruckus, Chu Feng and the others made their way to the Immortal Sea Galaxy.

In truth, Xian Miaomiao hadn’t gone far away. She was just in the sky, and beside her was a man dressed like a woodcutter with an ax behind him. It was her master, Song Changsheng.

The isolation formation Chu Feng had planted in Xian Miaomiao and the others were fake, so Song Changsheng was able to sense her location. Xian Miaomiao had also used a special means to contact Song Changsheng, so the latter had already arrived here a long time ago.

“They mentioned the Immemorial Land of Dao Creation earlier?”

Even with Song Changsheng’s terrifying strength, he was unable to peer through the concealment formation and see what happened to Chu Feng and the others. Thus, he was unaware of the Immemorial Land of Dao Creation’s activation.

Xian Miaomiao explained the situation to Song Changsheng.

“Miaomiao, there are no gods in the world; there are only stronger cultivators. As enigmatic as the Immemorial Land of Dao Creation is, it was created by a cultivator. He has his way to test challengers. You failed in the Immemorial Land of Dao Creation simply because you didn’t meet his requirements. It doesn’t mean that you’re weak,” Song Changsheng said.

“Master, don’t worry about me. I’m not affected by it. This time, I’ll fully fuse with Soul Fog and become stronger than before!” Xian Miaomiao said.

“You said that you’re not affected, but it’s clear you have been affected,” Song Changsheng said.

He intended to let Xian Miaomiao spend some time with Chu Feng, knowing that she harbored deep feelings for him. However, she sent a voice transmission to him earlier, saying that she wanted to head back and cultivate.

Xian Miaomiao must have noticed her gap with Chu Feng and was shaken up, and that spurred her to work even harder on her cultivation.

“I was affected, but it was a good influence. I don’t want to stand helplessly before Chu Feng the next time I face trouble,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“All right. Let’s head back to cultivate. The world of cultivation won’t be too peaceful in the days to come, so it’s best to spend your time cultivating,” Song Changsheng said.

“Master, what do you mean?” Xian Miaomiao asked.

She knew her powerful master must have her reason for saying such words.

“The Huangfu Heavenly Clan isn’t the only clan from the Ancient Era. The restraints on those ancient beings are slowly loosening, and they are leaving their respective remnants to share the world with us,” Song Changsheng said.

“The Huangfu Heavenly Clan harbors strong animosity toward us. Is it the same for the other Ancient Era’s Heavenly Clans too? Will they wage war on us?” Xian Miaomiao asked.

“It’s possible. But even if we put aside the existence from the Ancient Era, the cultivators in the present era are also rather ambitious. There might be an unprecedented shake-up to the world’s power balance very soon. This has nothing to do with you and me, though Chu Feng might be caught up in it,” Song Changsheng said.

“Chu Feng? Is it the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion?” Xian Miaomiao asked.

“It isn’t just them. You know Chu Feng’s personality. He won’t stand still if his friends are in trouble,” Song Changsheng said.

“Is something going to happen to the Immortal Sea Fish Clan?” Xian Miaomiao asked.

“It’s meaningless even if I tell you. You should work harder on your cultivation. I won’t step in to help Chu Feng. If you wish to help him, you’ll have to do so with your own strength. However, you’re powerless to help him in your current state,” Song Changsheng said.

“Mm.” Xian Miaomiao nodded.

“God Bestowment Bamboo Slips?”

Chu Feng, Xianhai Shaoyu, and Little Fishy were on their way to the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild to attend their auction.

Just moments ago, Xianhai Shaoyu informed him that he was after the God Bestowment Bamboo Slips.

“Indeed, it’s a fragment of a God Bestowment Bamboo Slip. It looks like Brother Chu Feng has heard about it,” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

“Not only have I heard about it, but I have it too,” Chu Feng said.

“You… have the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip?” Xianhai Shaoyu was stunned.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded.

“It’s no wonder you grasp things so quickly!” Xianhai Shaoyu exclaimed.

Chu Feng smiled in response. The God Bestowment Bamboo Slips had indeed played a vital role in his high intelligence.

“Big brother, I have one too,” Little Fishy said with a radiant smile.

Given Little Fishy’s standing, Chu Feng wasn’t surprised to hear that. He turned to Xianhai Shaoyu and asked, “You should have one too, right?”

Xianhai Shaoyu clutched his heart and feigned a pained expression. “Ah, my heart hurts.”

Little Fishy’s smile brightened. “Big brother, he doesn’t have one. That’s why he’s so obsessed as to check on it even though it’s just a mere fragment.”

“Brother Shaoyu doesn’t have one?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“It’s normal not to have one. There are only ten bamboo slips in the world,” Xianhai Shaoyu replied with a helpless expression.

“Ten?” Chu Feng was taken aback. He had heard the background story of the God Bestowment Bamboo Slips from the Golden Crane True Immortal.

In the early years of the Ancient Era, there was a special forest that existed independent of any realm in the middle of space. This forest was filled with records of the enlightenments of martial cultivation.

Chapter 5823: The World of Cultivation is About to Change
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