Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable
Chapter 1001: Nine Hit Combo, Kill!

A heartbreaking scream.

Anyone who heard it would feel their heartache.

Bai Lingling was crying her eyes out under the black cloth.

Tears streamed down as she couldn’t think of any way out.

There is not a single good solution.

The only thing she could think of was Luo Tian. A man who acted like a barbarian but with a scholarly air about him actually saved her several times. She couldn’t understand why he was always on her mind. It was similar to when they were in the ancient cave, where Luo Tian had unknowingly become the support pillar inside her heart.

He had become her life-saving straw.

That’s why she suddenly screamed to him for help.


“My dear little sister, weren’t you supposed to be the intelligent one? Why have you become an idiot today? You’re asking for help from a piece of trash at the Four Elements 7th rank? Do you think he is my match?” Bai Ying sneered in disdain as he didn’t put Luo Tian in his eyes at all.

No matter how strong a Four Elements 7th ranker was, they were not his match!

In his eyes, dealing with Luo Tian was easier than pinching an ant to death!

Bai Xiong sneered coldly, “Bai Ying, just wait for your death. Master, kill him!”

Bai Ying’s face darkened as that comment pissed him off. He stared at Luo Tian and shouted, “Bai Jian, kill him!”

“Order received!”

A man stepped out from behind Bai Ying with a Four Elements 8th rank cultivation.

As he stepped forward, his body was like a brutal sword that gave off an aura of sword intent. He glanced at Luo Tian with disdain in his eyes, “Kid, it is your honor to die by my hands. When you reach hell and meet King Yama, don’t forget to tell him that you were killed by me, Bai Jian.”

“Hold on!”

Bai Ying grinned before saying, “Take off the hoods from the two of them so they can see clearly how this kid is going to die in front of them. What I like the most is seeing the despair in people’s eyes. Hahaha…”

After that, the disciples took off the black cloth covering Bai Lingling and Bai Xiong’s head.

The bright sunlight stung their eyes, so Bai Lingling couldn’t open her eyes fully to see things.

Bai Xiong suddenly started laughing out loud, “I knew my master was handsome! Hahaha, how can a person I call master not be handsome?”

Bai Lingling looked at a man not too far away from them whose entire body was covered with blood. He was somewhat handsome to her eyes, and a strange feeling rose up in her heart. “Is he really the barbarian?”

Luo Tian looked over at them and noticed Bai Xiong’s face had been beaten quite badly. One eye was purple and swollen like a ball.

Bai Lingling was not that much better off.

However, the two lines of tears streaming down her cheeks made him boil in anger. Luo Tian clenched his fists and said, “Don’t be scared; I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

After those words were heard, Bai Jian scoffed in disdain. “Damn dog thing, you talk too much!”

Bai Jian instantly pierced his sword forward.

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

In just a second, dozens of sword shadows flashed out and stabbed forth. Each sword shadow was exceptionally powerful and sealed the movements of Luo Tian’s body.

Bai Ying laughed happily, “What good swordsmanship! This Illusory Rain Sword Technique is well executed. Coupled with the natural suppression of a Four Elements 8th ranker, this is going to instantly kill that kid. Little Sister Lingling, this is your so-called life-saving straw? Hahaha…”

“He is a complete joke!”

Bai Lingling’s eyes darkened as she was unsure what would happen.

After all, Bai Jian had cultivated the Illusory Rain Sword Technique to a level where even some of the Bai family elders were not as good as him. Coupled with the fact that his cultivation realm was higher than Luo Tian’s, it was possible that Luo Tian wouldn’t have the ability to fight back with two forms of suppression on him.

But Bai Xiong said confidently, “Bai Ying, you just wait and see. My master will show you what fighting skills are and what a combo strike is!”

He completely believed in Luo Tian.

In Bai Xiong’s eyes, no one was stronger than Luo Tian in the same cultivation realm.

Bai Ying sneered in disdain before shouting, “Bai Jian! Instant kill him!”

“Does that even need to be said? He is sure to die!” Bai Jian replied back arrogantly.

His sword started humming before it pierced straight to the center of Luo Tian’s brow.

Luo Tian shifted his stance.

“God Flame!”

His right palm was raised, and a fireball shot out.


God Flame struck Bai Jian’s body, but the instant kill effect didn’t trigger. However, the Illusory Rain Sword Technique had been interrupted.

Luo Tian was getting used to the instant kill effect not triggering.

He was already prepared for the follow-up actions!

His body leaned forward before charging ahead, his right shoulder angling to the front.


The impact struck Bai Jian’s chest. In the blink of an eye, Luo Tian was already in his stance for a double punch.

“Bang~, bang~!”

“One, two, three…” Bai Xiong counted out loud the number of hits.

The double punch sent Bai Jian retreating several steps.

“Wolf King’s Claws!”

His hands turned into claws as he pulled Bai Jian back toward him.

“Mountain River Fist!”

Two punches imbued with yuan energy smashed out.

“Bang~, bang~!”

“That’s the sixth move, hahaha… Bai Ying, did you open up your dog eyes and see?!” Bai Xiong shouted in excitement. Just when he thought it was over…

Luo Tian followed up with more attacks.

Before Bai Jian could react, he shouted, “Shoulder Dash!”

His body shot forward and smashed Bai Jian retreating with explosive steps. At this moment, the cooldown for Mountain River Fist was over, so Luo Tian sent out two more punches.

“Bang~, bang~!”

“Number seven, eight, and nine!”


“Nine consecutive strikes! Who can do that?!” Bai Xiong was about to go crazy from excitement. Within the ancient cave, he had only seen Luo Tian perform a seven-hit combo and didn’t expect him to have held back. Now, there were nine consecutive hits!

Too fierce!

Bai Xiong’s eyes were filled with admiration.

Bai Jian was smashed silly with these nine consecutive strikes.

He was blown to the ground by Luo Tian and could only stare up in confusion.

Bai Ying was also dumbstruck.

All the people in the area were the same; their eyes widened, and their mouths opened in shock. Was it possible to link consecutive strikes like that? Was this a combat master? No, even a combat grandmaster might not be able to perform the feats Luo Tian had done.

Luo Tian ignored the shocked expressions on everyone’s faces.

The moment Bai Jian fell to the ground, he charged forth and sat right on top of him. He vented his rage and shouted, “The Illusory Rain Sword Technique, was it?! I’ll let you see my Rainstorm Fist Technique! You want me to tell King Yama your name, right? Go to hell and tell him yourself!”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Each punch was more fierce than the next.

Each punch was stronger than the next.

He deliberately aimed at Bai Jian’s face.

Bai Ying shouted, “Kid, you dare?!”

Luo Tian ignored him.

Those who deserved death had to die!

Bai Jian wanted to take his life?

Bai Jian wanted him to tell King Yama in hell the name of the person that had killed him?

His rage of flames was exploding out!

He wasn’t going to let go even if the Heavenly Emperor descended at this moment!

“Watch if this daddy dares to or not!”

“Bang~, bang~…”

“Die for me!”


The final punch blasted Bai Jian to his death. Luo Tian then looked over and locked his gaze on Bai Ying before roaring out, “Who else?!”


A Four Elements 8th ranker was smashed to death by Luo Tian just like that.

No one expected this outcome!

The surrounding people were all dumbstruck. Was this guy still human?

Bai Ying was furious to the extreme! He was clenching his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard. He then shouted, “Die! I want you dead!”

Chapter 1001: Nine Hit Combo, Kill!
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