I Became The Academy’s Blind Swordsman
I Became The Academy’s Blind Swordsman

I Became The Academy’s Blind Swordsman

アカデミ最強の盲目剣士は、訳アリなんです ~『眼帯』はただの飾りではない~

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I Became The Academy’s Blind Swordsman novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Pibusa. 187 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


A Blindfold That is Beyond Reason [Legendary]

-Experience Gained Increased by 500%
-Weakness Detection Skill lv.MAX
-Critical Hit Damage Increased by 300%
-Does not obstruct wearer’s vision

…The truth is, I can see everything clearly.

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  • Mega_ 2

    This thing got weeeeird since the entire machine plot, at first it was a normal fantasy op novel with a nice twist (everyone thinking he's blind) and then boom apparantly it's been two hundred years on earth, humanity has died out, ai's managed to come to the fantasy world and he's their king, and his blindfold is making him lose his emotions and memories of his past life?? Talk about one hell of a plot twist

  • Sylphide 4

    With a good argument like this, the epic thing would be if he were truly blind, or at least that the blindfold prevents him from seeing as a consequence of how op he is and now the harem, I want to read it but I can't, that label is my curse, no matter how Good be the novel, I have come to read something of quality, not the author's s*xual fantasies, for that I am going to another site.

    • OtakuModeEngage 11

      "No matter how good the novel may be, I want to read something of quality..." strange, wouldn't a good novel be considered a quality novel? Not all sm*t is created equal. I've read some with very elegant intellectual writing style, a diverse cast of interesting characters, and an intricate plot; I've read others, which just pander to the reader's wish fulfillment and fanservice, and lack any real complexity or realsm, often over bloating the size of the MC's harem to the point that all the girls become shallow and one dimensional, and filing the pages with more s*x scenes than actual development; and I've read some that fall somewhere in the middle. I will say this novel is certainly one of the better ones, with a heavy focus on character and plot development. I'm 160 chapters in, and so far there have been no s*x scenes, and only 5 love interest, which is a remarkable feat for this genre.

  • JoJ0 4

    IDK when or why I deleted this out my bookmarks but 70 chapters is nice

  • Murell 3

    Guys 🤚🤏👉👈🤘🖐☝👈🤟👉👎👊👈🖐🤘👉☝🖐👉🤘🖐👌👉🤲👏🖐☝🤟🖐☝👈🤙👉🤟🤏🤘👉👈🤟🤏🖖✋👆🤟🤞🖖 Just in case

    • 3nd3r 2

      Bro was that the summary of this novel until recent update or something 😂

  • JustOrdinaryFool 9

    Read the start a little bit because chapter 169 title. He isn't blind at all 😅

  • Sheaa 12

    im at ch131, time to slog through this quagmire once more

  • MajidX200 4

    If you are looking for a blind MC, you might want to try Odyssey of the Blind God. It is a different experience. I don't have an opinion about the good or bad of the story, but based on the opinions, (Odyssey of the Blind God) might be better.

  • AkatsukiJoe 7

    Bruh the title sounds like the "academy's blind swordsman" is an actual position which mc filled in... Every batch they have to get 1 blind guy to fill that important role 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CaleismMember 26

    Guys the bad translation stops at chapter 10 so just pull through the first 9 chapters and you'll be fine.

  • adasfs 15

    when does translation gets better? I'm on chapter 8 and it's only borderline readable

    • SherlockHolmes 5

      Chaoter 10