Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate
Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

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Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate novel is a popular light novel covering Video Games, Action, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author A Green Bird. 981 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Everyone transmigrated to the High Continent and became a Lord to participate in the conquest between Lords from all the other races.
A few lucky Lords would receive Lord Talents.
“Hah! My talent is the Knight’s Hall, a Diamond-Tier Lord Talent! My subjects can job change into a unique warrior class, the Combat Spirit Knight!”
“My Lord Talent is the King of Abyss. I can summon demons to become my subjects!”
“I have a lot of subjects who are scientists! I can create advanced technologies!”
“My Talent allows me to cultivate! I’ll become a celestial!”
Zhou Zhou received a Legendary-Tier Lord Talent — 100% drop rate!
Not only could he see the things he would receive from an enemy, but his enemies would drop all of their loot when they were defeated.
“Watch as I make you drop your Talents!”

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  • gwegweyye 1

    story is fine, however the translation repeatedly becomes garbage multiple times throughout a chapter repeating phrases or just getting overall things wrong, plotholes pop up everywhere, some things that were relevant 3 chapters ago just disappear, grammatical errors happen often. if you are fine with all of the above go ahead and read it but if you are easily triggered by small things this is not for you

  • MeeWinter 6

    This novel is extremely repetitive; in one sentence, the author has to repeat up to ten times one single word, and sometimes more. He was unable to develop more than one character but MC, which at least is not that hateable. 4/10

    Edited: 21h
  • PrimordialRizzler 1

    The story and overall quality of the writing is basic af but boy am looking forward to the next chapter.

  • Varun962 1

    Whan it is going to get update.

  • HalfX 6

    100% drop rate.. Coming from The Quintessential Loot Cult, let's see how this is

  • SupremeDeity 10

    For those confused about the tiers - From lowest to highest: - Normal* - Black Iron - Green Bronze - White Silver - Yellow Gold - White Platinum - Diamond - Extraordinary* - Epic* - Legendary - God Tier* - For some reason it was added as a advancement to Legendary, even though it makes no sense. - Mythic Each divided into Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced. Totally unconfirmed: - Special Grade - This tier might literally be special meaning it doesnt belong anywhere above, but not sure. Tiers marked with "*" arent 100% confirmed since author hasnt explicitly stated the order till the part i have read until now. Will keep this updated as i read(and i manage to not drop it for some reason)

    Edited: 13d
    • RUX12 6

      I like this description but this level names are so filled in chapters that they took half of space and time in chapters. Otherwise story is nice.

  • Skrety 1

    This is first filler novel that actually satysfies me like if this was trying to be another Lotm Ri or whatver 0% chance but i just enjoy the looting and how its presented

  • DeepSea 2


  • Narashadows 1

    Is there any news for the reason of lack of update? I'm a junkie for this one... It's not absolutely fantastic (especially the part where the author burns characters in loot description way too many times per chater), but is d*mn addictive...

    • Magemboox 5

      Zhougar daddy is back with 20 chapters dump

      • Narashadows 1

        Less than an hour at 1.6 times reading speed... I'm gonna cry...

  • Magemboox 5

    It’s been 7 days. I need my zhougar daddy. 😭