Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband
Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

Hidden Marriage

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Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Mature, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Jiong Jiong You Yao. 2166 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


After five years, Ning Xi has returned and is out to take revenge on the sister who turned her parents against her, and the childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her sister. She aims to fulfill her childhood dream and become a famous actress. However, her sister is still out to get her and she has to avoid all her underhanded schemes.

One day, after falling into one of her sister’s schemes, she meets an adorable little boy and saves him. His father then offers to repay her with his body: “Marry me.”

Ning Xi: ???!!!

Little boy: -sad puppy dog eyes-

Thus Ning Xi starts staying at the mute little boys’s house to help him come out of his shell… cue lots of comedy, some flirting, sweet moments between Ning Xi and little bun… and maybe big bun too.

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  • cloudneverworth 1

    I read up to 500 chapters and it is good development there but I don't know if the author just a sudden inspiration to add a more twist to the FML character and background. The way the author reveal another twist about FML character in between 400 and 500 chapter (you will know if you read 500 chapters) about being involved in mafia circle is too sudden for me. I know it is in late chapter but the author should give hints in early chapters. The one-day-boyfriend name YS is not enough. You could guess that YS is a shady person the revelation of FML background being involved in underground mafia or something is too sudden.

  • FearOfSuccess 6

    The f*ck is this title

  • BloodWarlock01 1

    i have read around 195 and i am really very curious when will Ning Xi and LU Ting xou will get together officailly !!??

    • SheilaBardothe 2

      It' on chapter 670 that they will be aware of each other's feelings...hehe

  • JlfnvPajelL 12

    you mofos tricked me. what great developments are there, i read up to chapter 450 and all that has been going on is face slapping after face slapping. fml shows up and some villains show up together with her, then they brag about how rich and awesome they are, then fml does somethings more awesome or buys somethings more expensive than them and they be getting angery, and it keeps repeating. the main arc progresses slow af and until chapter 450 all she has done is getting in ml's house and then moved out, and ml had just changed his flirting tactics. aside from all that, there are only face slapping. this kind of sh*t is repetitive and tiresome, i don't see much good points in it.

  • Myma 2

    Omaghad what a great novel, I was skimmingthroughall the novels here and i saw that this one has farely good reviews. I tried it and it never dissapoints me. This one i s practically a gem for all romantic novels, great plot, great character development, all the characters are very much alive like their are living in the same planet as us. Some details were forgotten to be involve like when Ning Xi is shooting other films but i dont really mind. Cute child rearing and wife pampering hahaha. Overall its a must read hehe thank you author for this novel. I hope for more amazing novels from you. Fighting

  • nonegvl 1

    the first novel i am finished its very intrusting love story is very good

  • PasaAga 1

    So first of all this Novel is one of my all Tim favs. Its a heartbreaking love Story, with some really funny scenes. If u love stories that are dramatic and full of love then read this, if u dont then give it a shot at least.

  • book_worm 49

    Is this novel worthy of the Rank of the Holy Number -69 ?

  • lnwUser103655 1

    When will they found out that little treasure is Ning Xi’s child?

  • StellarWind 4

    A really adorable story. It's ridiculous for sure, but it's a very fun ride. Definitely worth a read, even if your not much of a fan of romance novels.