Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World
Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World

Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World

325 Chapters 1.37M Views 5.06K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Comedy, and Action genres. Written by the Author DamnPlotArmor. 325 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In a world where martial artists reign supreme, strength is everything. Unfortunately, that logic doesn't apply to a certain Florida Man.

Refined in the nuclear fallout wasteland, Leo was the strongest mutant alive. He carried an alien artifact, allowing him to exchange his lifespan for modern items. After 50,000 years of solitary life in a humanless world, he collected enough lifespan to transmigrate to another habitable world.

Leo was later thrown into a mysterious planet. He soon discovered that his body produced radiation, and it mutated the surrounding plants and grasses. Worrying that he might ruin the beautiful planet, he chose to live in seclusion.

Unfortunately, the local population soon discovered his existence, and a misunderstanding ensued.

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  • DaCoollego 4

    You guys hear about the Florida Man Games that just took place on the 24th?

  • PriestOfPlague 4

    Easily the greatest webnovel I've ever read. I rate it 7 Bud Weisers out of 2 Crescent Moon kicks 😌

  • FJSHIsenpai 8

    i think from last year the chapters still in 3++ something. I've been wanting to read this since april last year but alas...

  • Iac 21

    Dang. The novel is ranked 68, and it has 69 reviews. So close, yet so far from perfection.

  • Nirmam 11

    With the speed author is writing this gonna be ending soon i guess

    • AnimeOverlord856 15

      Knowing him nope he can end it or double it

  • Zoro2224 6

    I can only imagine moistcritikal to be the MC.

    • Shadowb1ade 1

      I was considering whether I should give this a go.. since you put it like this, I'll definitely read this now..🤣

  • LynaSnowflake 5

    I feel like this story and 'The Innkeeper" story, are written in the same universe, however, in this story the Midnight Inn is completely developed, while in 'the Innkeeper' story, the development of the inn is a gradual process.

    • AnimeOverlord856 15

      As someone who is caught up on both they are in no way related this novel comes from a universe with the author's other books there are references to those other novels in this one you'd only recognize them if you finished the other 2 tho only 1 is on this site the innkeeper however follows a similar yet completely different cultivation system and plot there are similarities bur only due to the genre's being the same and if you're familiar with this type of novel you'll recognize the obvious similarities all these shop system lvl up/cultivation novels share if you want any recommendations reply

    • Ikkemen 1

      Is there really kingdom building?

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  • WisePenguin 6

    Whaaat there is a "no Harem" tag now?? That's gonna be my new favorite genre xD

  • Sheeshroom 10

    Should i risk it?

  • AnAverageUser 3