Earth's Greatest Magus
Chapter 1823: Grade 5

Chapter 1823 Grade 5

Seeing the dragon prince once again gave Emery a swirl of mixed feelings. There was indeed a long-standing, unfinished rivalry between them. The last time Emery had seen Zach was during the Magus tournament, Zach had visited him afterward, only to find Emery's lifeless body.

As the two approached each other, the atmosphere grew heavy with unspoken words and lingering tension. The weight of their past encounters seemed to hang in the air, casting a shadow over their present meeting.

Suddenly, a group of a dozen magus in uniform marched up to them. They were the Magus enforcers. A high-ranking captain, a seasoned and authoritative figure, led them.

Emery was taken aback when the other enforcers saluted Zach, addressing him in a firm and respectful tone, "Commander, we have been expecting you. Please follow me."

Zach stood still for a moment, his gaze fixed on Emery, and he said, "I'm glad you're still alive." With those words, Zach turned and followed the enforcer units, his two dozen half-blood magus in tow.

As Zach walked away, Jinkan approached Emery, her expression a mix of curiosity and amusement. She commented with a lighthearted tone, "You two are always so intense." Her gaze shifted to Eeshoo, and she playfully added, "Why can't we be more like them?"

Emery's curiosity about Zach's role with the enforcers was piqued. As he pondered the connection, Jinkan decided to shed light on Zach's impressive position.

"Do you not know?" Jinkan began with a playful yet informative tone. "Your pal, Zach, isn't just the youngest commander of the Magus Military, he's also a renowned war hero."

Jinkan went on to explain that while the various factions were here to reap the benefits of the expeditions, the Magus Alliance had sent their enforcers to ensure peace and, when necessary, engage the elves in battle.

She shared the details, revealing, "The information I have indicates that 3,000 young enforcers were chosen for this crucial task, and your friend was selected as one of the three commanders leading the entire legion."

Emery couldn't help but be amazed by the news. It seemed that Zach had indeed achieved what he set out to do eight years ago.

As the space station dome filled with more and more magus, various factions began to gather and form their groups. Jinkan took a moment to highlight a few of the prominent Grade 5 factions.

"Of course, you know about the Arkaland and the Cross faction," she mentioned with a nod.

Emery's eyes darted around, scanning the bustling crowd. It took him a few seconds to spot Olivier, the Sword Saint, among the Arkaland faction members, and Shatter Cross alongside his inhuman bodyguard Anzi Tamasi within the other group. Both were engrossed in their faction's preparations.

Seeing so many familiar faces and old acquaintances from his days at the Magus Academy left Emery brimming with excitement. This place had truly become a grand reunion for Magus Academy graduates.

Jinkan went on to point out the three of the "Big 4" Grade 5 factions, each comparable in stature to the Nephilim.

"The Imperium, the Arcanum, and the Oculus," she stated, emphasizing the significance of these mighty factions.

Emery couldn't help but notice the imposing presence of the Imperium, a faction he had encountered on several occasions in the past. The members of the Imperium stood out with their oversized, high-tech armors. While they were primarily known for their technological prowess, for this particular event, the Imperium had brought along their notorious Black Templars, a formidable force in their arsenal.

The Arcanum, on the other hand, specialized in Arcane magic, a field of magic that had proven to be highly reliable within the alliance. Emery had some experience with arcane magic, having seen it in action during his time under Commander Shepherd, the human leader at the Demon's Pit prison. The precision and power of Arcane magic always left a lasting impression.

As for the Oculus, they held the reputation of being the most mysterious and were often regarded as an ancient magus. Among all the factions, they were the oldest, and their emblem, a golden eye, added to their aura of enigma and wisdom. The Oculus had an air of timelessness about them, and Emery couldn't help but feel a sense of reverence when he looked in their direction.

Emery devoted some time to probing each of the factions and was astounded to discover that the combined total of full moon magus among them exceeded three hundred. These were the cre?me de la cre?me of young magus talent from across the universe.

Jinkan, realizing Emery's interest, reached into her belongings and produced an item, a bracelet, which she then handed to him. "You'll need this," she explained, "It contains all the latest information about the expeditions, including the Nephilim's updated intelligence."

Emery affixed the bracelet to his arm, and when he scanned it toward his small group, instantaneously, a wealth of information began to flow into his mind.


[Magus Realm: Full Moon Magus]

[Battle Power 525]

[Soul force 362]

[Law of light 36%]



[Magus Realm: Half Moon Magus]

[Battle Power 422]

[Soul force 221]

[Law of Holiness 22%]



[Magus Realm: Half Moon Magus]

[Battle Power 395]

[Soul force 311]

[Law of light 12%]

[Law of Scorching Sun - 19%]

[Law Comprehension - 31%]

Emery carefully examined his team's information, getting a clearer picture of their strengths and potential. However, his curiosity was piqued when he tried to access Jinkan's data:

[Jinkan Nephilim]

[Information not found]

It was clear that there was some classified information about Jinkan that wasn't readily available. This only fueled Emery's curiosity about what she might be hiding.

As he explored the bracelet's capabilities further, he stumbled upon two fascinating functions. The first allowed him to access approximately 95% of the data on the magus surrounding him, providing valuable insights into their strengths and abilities. The second function provided real-time information regarding the expedition itself:

[Human Magus participants]

[1734 factions]

[Total magus: 32,123]

[Crescent Moon: 28,228]

[Half Moon: 3,422]

[Full Moon: 474]

This data revealed the vast number of participants registered for the expedition, with the numbers continuing to grow in real time. It was an impressive display of the expedition's scale and significance.

As Emery delved further into the data, he discovered a detailed breakdown of the full moon magus, and the information provided was quite surprising:

[Full moon grade 1: 382]

[Full moon grade 2: 91]

[Full moon grade 3: not available]

This grading system raised questions in Emery's mind, and the device quickly provided the answers:

[Grade 1: having within the minimum Law Comprehension]

[Grade 2: having advanced law or high-level Law Comprehension]

[Grade 3: having advanced law and high-level Law Comprehension]

Emery couldn't help but analyze his team members based on this new grading system. Neo fell under Grade 2 as a full-moon magus, Mahinder held a Grade 2 status as a half-moon magus, and Eeshoo remarkably achieved a Grade 3 as a half-moon magus. What astounded Emery was that, despite being classified as a half moon, his law accumulation was substantial enough to be considered as a full moon Grade 3, making him one of the most powerful participants in the expedition. This revelation left him both surprised and motivated.

Discovering that there were 91 more magus of Neo's caliber filled Emery with excitement. To think that so many formidable magus were part of this expedition only fueled his determination. The Grade 3 full moon magus, such as Emery, were indeed a well-guarded secret weapon, akin to the faith child of the Azazel family. The importance of this information was not lost on Emery, and he silently thanked Jinkan for providing him with such valuable insights.

As the stage at the end of the dome began to fill with people, Emery spotted Zach, standing amongst a dozen others, including magus in uniform, grand magus, and even one supreme magus. It became evident that the briefing for the expedition was about to commence. A grand magus, introduced by Jinkan as a member of the Magus Alliance Council, stepped forward to address the crowd. The atmosphere grew more serious as everyone turned their attention to the speaker.

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Chapter 1823: Grade 5
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