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Cultivation Online

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Cultivation Online novel is a popular light novel covering Video Games, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author MyLittleBrother. 1292 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him.

In this dark and still world, his younger sister became his sole reason for living.

Watch as this young man reaches for the apex as a genius in Cultivation Online, the newest VRMMORPG, becoming a legendary figure in both worlds.

Disclaimer: The MC is extremely overpowered and talented but also naive/innocent at first due to his illness. If you cannot wait for character developments and dislike OP MCs, this is not your cup of tea. Furthermore, the 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we are currently living on so do not use our common sense for this novel. This is pure fantasy, after all.
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  • EmKay 9

    Is it Christmas today? 30 chapter gift!

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    Its great recieving 30 chapters but we are likely not to recieve any for the next 30 days now. and since I cant help but binge em I am left without

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    D*mn, early Christmas gift!?


    More goodies...♥️

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    30 chaps!!! oh my god, im finna cry

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    The author is on steroids... Giving us chapter of both Cultivation Online and Dual Cultivation... 😭😭😭

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    30 new chapters god d*mn, this really is christmas month

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    Seems more like something for 15 and below!

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    I really wish this guy would add more to DC

  • Airen_64 4

    After reading 1262 chaoter i cam clearly say its one of the best cultivation novel The world building rivals Martial Peak as an author DUal Culti, it has few good sm*t scenes And d the hype is worth it. Caution⚠: It became extremly good affer 500 ch... when Giga Chad "Divine Paragoj " is introduc3d. Dont eorry MC will stop being a p*ssy after 500 ch. It has Very Op scenes and Good Face Slapping in real and online. I like the fa t it doesnt rewrite same type fight scenes... and the plot is consistent. Do i re coomend you 1000% If you are casual reader, reading just to enjoy its Your top choice❤. If anyone have any qs please reply