City of Witches
Chapter 176: Friendship?? (3)

༺ Friendship?? (3) ༻


“I think I know.”


“The timing when I feel like I should kiss someone.”

With that as a cue, Sharon launched an intense attack.

First, she pulled Siwoo’s neck, clinging closely to him before gently kissing him.

He could feel her soft lips.

Her swaying chest was pressed against his. With her eyes tightly shut, she slid her tongue gently between his lips.

Perhaps because she was nervous, her arms were tense.

Compared to her first attack, the following actions she took were rather passive.

She played around with his tongue, but she didn’t actively intertwine it with hers. Instead, she took a careful approach, as if she was dealing with some kind of unknown entity.

After several cute and teasing kisses, she brushed her tongue against Siwoo’s, and ended the kiss.

When ten seconds had passed, she hurriedly broke away.

That was when Siwoo finally realized what had just happened, and just like her, he backed away a little.

Sharon stared at him, wide-eyed, seemingly surprised as if she couldn’t believe that she initiated that kiss.

“…Wow… I think I’ve lost my mind…”

She covered her mouth, still seemingly uncertain, reminiscing the sensation of their sudden first kiss.

The lingering scent of barley during the kiss, the rough and tingly feeling of their gently colliding tongues.

It felt far more thrilling than anything they’d seen in the movies, almost making her head spin.

And then she realized that she had kissed him without asking for his permission.


“Siwoo… Are you… Angry…?”

She felt a clear impulse that told her to kiss him back then.

While she couldn’t explain where it came from, or what kind of emotion had triggered it, what was clear for her was that her heart was screaming for her to kiss him.

What she was worried about was the fact that she didn’t take Siwoo’s feelings into account throughout this process.

And, as anyone could expect, Siwoo was staring at her with wide-eyes, completely taken aback by this situation.

But, there was nothing she could do to stop the fiery impulse in her heart. Especially when the atmosphere, the late hour and the fact that she was drunk, supported that impulse.

“I-I… U-Um… I-I don’t know…”

So, she turned around and sat down,

She locked her eyes with Siwoo, dropped to her knees, sat on his lap and leaned closer to his face.

Then, she kissed him again.

This time, it was far more passionate than before. It wasn’t even fair to compare both in the first place.

Extending her tongue, she gently traced his lips and swirled it inside his mouth.

“Sluurp… Mmh…”


Discarding her initial hesitance, she firmly grabbed Siwoo’s hand and placed it on her chest.

All while continuing to intertwine their tongues together.

As they kissed, exploring each other’s mouths, Siwoo’s hands moved to explore her body.

This was when Sharon realized that kissing could be such a passionate act.

You poured your heart in, giving everything to the moment.

As she mulled over those thoughts…

Siwoo was still bewildered by the situation.

Sharon’s sudden kiss caught him off guard.

After all, it wasn’t just a simple kiss that young couples usually did with each other; It was more than that.

Their tongues explored every corner of each other’s mouths, tasting each other’s saliva, a form of affection that could be considered ‘next level’ if anything.

His left hand was holding onto her squirming waist.

While his right hand was molding and shaping her large bosom, as if kneading it.

He could feel the supple and firm sensation of her nipple at the tip of his fingers.

That and her rough breathing clearly indicated her heightened sexual arousal.

“Haah… Mmmh… Sluurrpp…”

She didn’t seem to show any signs of stopping anytime soon.

Wrapping her arms to the back of his neck, she passionately intertwined their tongues, signaling her intent to continue despite Siwoo thinking otherwise.

And so, responding to her passionate moves, his lower body grew firmer, prompting Sharon to instinctively press her intimate area against it as her hips swayed rhythmically.

“Haah… Yes… Mmm… Slurrrpp… Mmh…”

They could feel each other’s intimate areas through their clothes.

The outer contours of those areas were much thinner and more sensitive than any other parts of their skins.

Sharon rubbed hers against his enlarged rod, humping it rather aggressively.

“Mmmh… Ahh…”

It made her feel good.

Following her instincts, passionately exploring each other’s most intimate places.

Her lower abdomen trembled, her vocal cords quivered and the sweet sighs that escaped her lips made her chest tingle.


Sharon broke the kiss due to the lack of oxygen caused by her excitement. If she were to keep kissing him, she wouldn’t be able to catch her breath.

But… Perhaps because of the cool breeze coming from the AC…

No, maybe it was because of Siwoo’s surprised gaze.

She felt the intense desire that had been swelling up inside her body slowly fading away.

“I-I-I’m sorry—!”

Feeling the sudden clarity, like waking up from a drunken state, Sharon moved away from Siwoo’s chest.

Lost in her confusion, she felt the weight of her crossing a line she shouldn’t cross, echoing in her mind like a haunting siren.

This wasn’t what she wanted.

She never even planned for things to escalate this far.

But, it felt like her rationality had vanished the moment they locked lips.

“S-Sorry for kissing you all of a sudden… D-Did I startle you…?”

The answer was obviously yes, she did startle him.

After all, she kissed him out of nowhere, without any warning whatsoever beforehand.

Siwoo was taken aback by her actions, but he didn’t feel uncomfortable by them, so he reassured her as such.

He understood that she was heavily influenced by alcohol.

“It’s fine. Are you okay?”

Flustered, Sharon, who was still perched in Siwoo’s lap, covered her chest in embarrassment.

Realizing the gravity of her own actions, her face turned as red as a strawberry.

“I-I just… S-Suddenly, I felt like kissing… U-Um… I-I guess that excuse doesn’t make sense, huh…?”

“Well, I understand what you’re trying to say.”

“S-Still… I-I should ask for your consent first… N-Not act impulsively on my own… S-Sorry…”

She apologized, shyness filled her voice.

Because both of them consented to the kiss, her apology wasn’t really necessary.

If anything, the kiss was like a reward for Siwoo.

His only complaint was, when he was already engrossed in it and caught up with Sharon’s pace, she ended the kiss abruptly.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. I don’t feel uncomfortable or anything.”

“B-But… I-It was still inappropriate of me…”

Sharon kept apologizing, avoiding Siwoo’s gaze, as if she had just committed a grave crime.

She obviously had her own view on the matter.

Based on what she had seen in romance movies, kisses and such intimate acts were reserved for people with ‘special relationships.’

One couldn’t do it just because they were a man finding a consenting woman, because it was a gesture that was only shared between deeply connected lovers.

Yet, in the heat of the moment, she had kissed Siwoo without considering his opinion, only trying to fulfill her own desires.

In truth, her inexperience brought her to this, but she disregarded that.

“I’ve been only receiving things from you… And now, I did this…”

Hearing more of her explanation, Siwoo got an idea of what was on her mind.

“…I… Really want to kiss you… And… I want to do more… With you…”

But she believed that she didn’t deserve that yet.

At least until they were in an equal relationship, when she could finally bring something to his life.

Only then could they confidently refer to themselves as ‘lovers.’

“But it isn’t the right time yet… Our positions… Are not equal yet…”

This thought process came from a fusion of her innocence and the skewed perspective she had from watching too many romance movies.

“Uh… Um… I think I understand what you’re trying to say…”

“Still, it won’t be good for you if I just end it like this, right…?”


Sharon then gently placed her hand on his crotch.

She could feel his bulging manhood from beneath his pants.

Well, considering that he was only wearing a thin pair of shorts, it was only natural that she could feel it.


Because of her sudden touch, Siwoo’s member jerked, and that surprised Sharon as she let out a scream.

After that, she smiled awkwardly, finding it embarrassing that such a loud sound came out of her mouth.

“Um… You know… I was looking up something that I could do for you… And I… Kinda came across some stuff…”

“Ah, so that’s when you found about getting me to touch your chest.”


And he had been wondering why she suddenly asked him to touch her breasts whenever he felt down.

After all, this wasn’t something that she would normally come up with.

Knowing that she got it from the internet cleared up some of his confusion.

“A-Anyway! They said that it’s natural for your thing to get bigger when we kiss… Also, while I already let you touch my boobs, I think I can do something more to make you feel a bit more comfortable… Though, sex might be a bit too much…”

Siwoo was staring at her in confusion.

He couldn’t understand what she was trying to say.

“A-As long as you’re okay with it… I can… Do this…”

Sharon cautiously slipped her hand through Siwoo’s pants, reaching for his underwear.

Her hand touched his already hot and throbbing rod, even hotter than her own palm.

She was surprised by how hot it was, but she still cautiously wrapped her hand around it.

Then, she started moving it slowly, following the videos she had seen.

“If I make you comfortable and happy… Maybe I can repay you… Just a little…?”

Her desire to do something for Siwoo and her internet-informed knowledge created a scenario straight out of a horny teenager’s fantasy.

“As long as you’re okay with it… I’ll do anything for you… From now on… S-So… Let me take care of you… B-But don’t misunderstand! I won’t do this to anyone else!”

She was fully aware of how crude the idea of ‘repaying Siwoo’s kindness with her body’ was.

It was as if she was selling herself to him.

But, she wasn’t afraid of him seeing her in that light.

Besides, what she wanted to do for him was something beyond repaying his favor.

She wanted to give him everything, just like she had given him her first kiss, she wanted to give him more of her firsts as well.

Not because she wanted to repay everything that he had done for her.

But because she had developed fondness toward him, as a friend… Or perhaps more…

“So… Could you accept me…?”

As Sharon firmly gripped his rod and began moving her hand, her voice took an unusually sweet and sticky tone compared to usual.

This evoked a strong urge in Siwoo, to pounce on her right then and there.

The teasing sensation of her hand moving inside his underwear only intensified his growing desire.

And that desire eventually took over his mind.


He spoke up, gently grabbing her wrist, trying to pull her hand away.

Until then, he had been feeling somewhat okay with everything, but there was something that didn’t sit right with him.

It wasn’t that he refused to be physically and emotionally involved with an attractive woman like Sharon.

However, her actions were something that stemmed from both her feeling indebted toward him, and the influence of alcohol. This bothered him a lot.

“You don’t need to push yourself too hard. This is not what I want… And I don’t want to force you to do anything.”

“I’m not pushing myself!”

“Also, you’re drunk.”

“I’m not doing this because I’m drunk!”

Yet, she refused to let go of his manhood.

She held it firmly as she looked at him with desperate eyes.

“Just once… Please… Do it with me, then decide… I’m completely fine with everything, you know?”

“It isn’t about that…”

“Are you saying you don’t want to do it with me?”

“No… It’s just… The situation is…”

If Sharon had openly expressed her desire to have a sex with him, like what Yebin did, it might have been easier for him to go along.

The problem here was Sharon considered his kindness as a ‘debt’ she needed to pay.

And that bothered him a lot because of her usual behavior, as she treated it as something she needed to pay at all costs.

“I’m just doing this to ease my mind, so don’t feel burdened, okay?”

Sharon looked at him with moist eyes.

“So… Let me… Make you cum…”

Siwoo couldn’t bring himself to refuse her any longer.

‘There’s no way I can reject her at this point?’

Chapter 176: Friendship?? (3)
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