Atticus’s Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground
Atticus’s Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground

Atticus’s Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground

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Atticus’s Odyssey: Reincarnated Into A Playground novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, and Action genres. Written by the Author RealmWeaver. 492 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Hardworking Protagonist: Yes, Interesting Side Cast: Yes, World Building: Yes, Overpowered Protagonist: Yes, Transmigration: Yes.

Atticus faced the worst day of his life: his heart was shattered, and he was suddenly killed in his home, only to wake up in a magical realm as the heir to one of the most powerful families in the human domain.

Fueled by determination, he vowed to grow stronger and exact his vengeance on whoever killed and brought him to this world, no matter the cost.

1. There's no harem.
2. The MC cares only about himself and his family. He doesn't mind crossing the line if it means he can keep himself and his family safe.
3. He has an extremely vengeful personality. Regardless of the reason or what you're going through, he doesn't care. What matters is that you hurt him, and that's all he needs.
4. There will be no 'hiding of strength.' He'll be cautious about what he shows, but he won't lose if he can help it.
5. The MC works hard for his strength; don't be fooled by the system tag.

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  • TheRain 5

    This is a good book. As the author said it's his first one and there are so many people hating gone the first chapter itself. Give him a break its not awful. I personally loved the book though, the romance is kind of forced but progressivley get better, as does the writing style.

  • deepwoken 2

    Boring. Takes too long for stuff to happen. Everything is explained too thoroughly for no reason. Author thinks using fancy words will hide his inexperience.

  • Alreaper 1

    I feel like I have read this before at least the opening maybe I've read this before. Does this have a manga or somet hing

  • NoZeR 4

    so... i can't read it after 2nd chapter... maybe i'll comeback one day

  • Evil_NOAH 2

    interesting sypnosis.

  • Suetwo1 1

    Well sounds interesting, I've had enough of trying to find what I need and want, just gonna go with the flow

  • b00tyslayer700 2

    the picture of mc reminds of kevin from why should i stop being a villain

  • BOSs_21 2

    Oh, it seems interesting...👁📖 I hope the MC's journey won't disappoint me, especially the romance part.

  • scorpia95 2

    I thought MC literally transmigrated as a kids playground 😭 this seemed so ped0ish

  • Multi_read 2

    Is this worth the read and how did this climbed upto the rank..?